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Mercedes-Benz of Birmingham Educates on the EQS

Electric vehicles are the future, and some of the best are being built right here in Alabama. The recent unveiling of Mercedes’ first all-electric SUV, the EQS SUV, prompted Birmingham Lifestyle to sit down with the folks at Mercedes-Benz of Birmingham to learn about the Mercedes-Benz EQS—the company’s all-electric version of the iconic S-class sedan. While you’ll have to wait a few months to get your hands on the SUV, the EQS is ready for your test drive. 
When asked about their favorite features of the EQS, both General Manager Luke Elder and Sales Consultant Eric Burks agreed on recovering energy through strong recuperation. "You can drive with just one pedal most of the time while maximizing the EQS’ range,” Elder stated. 
“Intelligent Recuperation, when used in conjunction with the Drivers Assistance package, gives the driver the ability to capture the most energy. The vehicle basically uses road conditions, such as coasting down a hill and DISTRONIC cruise control, to recuperate energy to keep the battery charged longer,” Burks added.
Another stand out feature? Through the MBUX system, you can set what time you would like the vehicle to start charging. So if you come home at 6 p.m. and the off-peak hours for electric use in your area start at 8:30 p.m., you can plug your vehicle up at 6 p.m., but it won’t start charging until 8:30. This helps regulate how much you are spending to charge the vehicle, according to Burks.
We couldn’t help but be drawn to the dashboard. When we asked what they love about it, an enthusiastic Elder responded, “The hyperscreen! It’s one slightly curved 56” piece of glass that stretches across the front dash. It even has a dedicated section for the front passenger. It is a standard feature on the EQS580.” 
“It allows the driver and front passenger to operate as pilot and co-pilot. This adds to my claim of this vehicle being futuristic. It’s standard on the EQS580 and optional on the EQS450+,” Burks added.
What surprises customers the most about the EQS?
“The range of the battery and how quietly it rides,” said Eden Gosney, marketing and events manager. “Many are shocked by how much they like the EQS. They are also excited to learn about the home charger Mercedes offers.”
Describe the driving experience of the EQS.
“Wow. I haven’t always thought about the driving performance characteristics when considering an electric vehicle, but the EQS is such an exception. It’s amazingly fun to drive. It’s fast and handles incredibly well,” said Elder.
“One word — futuristic,” added Burks.
What has local demand for the EQS been like since its release?
“There has been a lot of interest surrounding the EQS, as well as other future EQ products. But I must say, there are concerns regarding the charging infrastructure. There is a lot that can be learned and shared regarding these vehicles. This is why we must be educated on this new line of products, so that we can effectively educate our buyers and enhance the information that they have already researched,” Burks noted.

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