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A Cup That Builds Community

Beth Ferester Creates a Gathering Place for The Woodlands

Visit the offices of Corcoran Ferester Realty, and the first thing you notice is the handsome, industrial modern décor. Paying homage to the structural elements of the past in a way that’s innovative and forward-looking is a fitting symbol, says Beth Ferester, founder and owner of Corcoran Ferester Realty in The Woodlands.                 

A few steps away is Beth’s coffeehouse, Lovebeans, where the decor carries over some of the same industrial design, punctuated by bright bursts of cheerful red. As usual, Lovebeans is buzzing: A group of friends has gathered in the back lounge area for their daily coffee klatch. Two women relax at a table outside, enjoying iced drinks after a workout. A student is studying on a stool at the bar. In the corner, a husband and wife are on their iPads. 

The coffee shop welcomes a steady flow of patrons, many coming on foot and bicycle from Liberty Branch and other parts of Creekside--a steady rhythm of coffee lovers stopping in, crossing paths, running into someone they know, and catching up over a cappuccino. 

It’s the kind of comfortable hub that Beth was hoping to achieve with the shop. Order your favorite espresso drink and a chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie (Beth’s recipe!), and she’ll sit and chat about how creating a place like Lovebeans is an extension of her love of living and working in The Woodlands.

A strong and purposeful focus on community, was foundational to the creation of The Woodlands, says Beth. Originally promoted as “A New Hometown,” its identity was wrapped up in the idea of making nature a prominent and thriving partner in the daily life of the community, ensuring that people had the opportunity to live outdoors as much as possible, and bringing neighbors together in the process. 

Not just another master-planned community, George Mitchell and other visionaries laid out a plan for the future that has enriched the meaning of what it is to live in The Woodlands today, says Beth. “It all took shape. The plan really worked,” she said. “Everything they did was with the consideration of strengthening the culture of the area.” She says their mindfulness focused on the ways the community would grow over the coming decades. 

Beth was already an award-winning agent in North Houston/Spring when she opened her own real estate office in Grogan’s Mill in 1994. It was the year The Woodlands Mall opened. The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion had been built only two years earlier. 

She says The Woodlands was beginning to transform from a fledgling community to a destination for living that included outstanding art, shopping, and entertainment opportunities. The population at the time was around 30,000. By the year 2000, it had burgeoned to over 55,000. Beth’s business was growing right along with it. 

In 1998 she sold her real estate office, staying on with the new company for 17 years as their top producer. As The Woodlands continued to evolve and grow, she felt the urge to find a new challenge. “I wanted to do my own thing and set a path for the future.” 

In 2015, she started Beth Ferester & Company, opening her current Creekside office, then opening Lovebeans in 2019 when the space next to her office came up for lease. She plunged into the adventure with her characteristic hands-on exuberance, making many of the menu offerings herself–the cookies, the chicken salad, the sausage biscuits, all from personal recipes. 

Beth says she created Lovebeans to be a “giving back” coffeehouse, with sales of merchandise donated to support local charities and schools. She’s worked to make the shop a gathering place that’s real and welcoming, mirroring her work as an agent. These were the things The Corcoran Group was drawn to when it came calling. “They value authenticity,” says Beth. In January of this year, Beth Ferester & Company became Corcoran Ferester Realty, the first affiliate in the state of Texas for The Corcoran Group. It was a great match, says Beth, who was impressed by the real estate group’s people and innovative systems. 

According to 2021 data from the Howard Hughes Corporation, The Woodlands is now home to 119,000 residents. People are looking for a place to thrive, says Beth, a hometown setting that provides a solid foundation for their personal lives and their work. 

For many people, their daily routines are built around their go-to coffee shop. More than simply a place to get their morning jolt of caffeine, says Beth, they’re looking for a spot that can serve as a reliable, friendly destination in which to gather. “Places like Lovebeans make a community,” she says.

Now, with Corcoran Ferester and Lovebeans operating side-by-side, Beth is excited about the way these two distinct businesses function around a common goal. There’s so much on the horizon, and she can’t wait to see what’s in store for The Woodlands community in the years to come. 

Whatever the future may hold, the possibilities are worth pondering with friends over a cup of coffee! 

  • Beth and members of her Corcoran Ferester team hold an impromptu meeting over coffee.
  • Lovebeans has become the community hub that Beth was hoping it would be.
  • A barista works the espresso counter
  • Daily routines are built around a go-to coffee place.