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The Gift of a Good Nights Sleep

Educate yourself into restful dreams

Looking for a mattress can be more painful than waking up with back pain itself. Michael Langley, the Best Bed owner, provides customers with the best education and knowledge when buying a mattress with an informed decision. Langley’s business reflects and echoes the idea of education over immediate gratification “we don’t sell, we educate the consumer, and the consumer acquires the one they want, after having better information.” Best Bed isn’t here to sell you the bed you saw on TV. Langley’s business is operated in a no pressure, “education not intimidation environment,” “we would rather save people’s money, but solve their problems.”

When you visit Best Bed, now with a new Woodlands location, know you are being served by employees who are proud to be there, who have been trained rigorously in the mattress world, and are there to give you accurate information. Langley, who comes from a military background, entered the world of sleep after having worked alongside veterans with chronic sleep problems at his time at the Lone Star Foundation.

Expanding to The Woodlands seemed like a natural transition for Langley, “the whole area is quality, I’m falling in love with it, this city is the most beautiful place I’ve seen.” His love for The Woodlands echoes his passion for people and providing the highest quality service possible. Best Bed stands for integrity and education, “if we’re not helping someone, we’re not doing it right.”