The Gift of Jewelry

Picking the Right Stone

Like the old adage says, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and often that saying pertains to jewelry as much as it does to people. We all have that one relative that has exquisite taste in jewelry and makes us lust after their specific pieces, wishing we will eventually have the luck of being bequeathed something not only sentimental but also gorgeous. Unfortunately, usually, Great Aunt Gertrude gives you a piece that isn’t on that list.

But lucky for you, the perfect piece of jewelry is only a stone’s throw away. You can choose a stone based on your loved one’s individual interests. For example, amber, or fossilized tree sap, has an ancient, enduring quality any history lover will appreciate. A meditative type will enjoy cool stones, such as aquamarine. Amethyst is traditionally used in crown jewels, making it an appropriate gift for the “princess” of the family.

The following tips will help you find the perfect stone for any of your loved ones: 

For your wife or girlfriend

Sapphire, which conveys sincerity and fidelity, makes an excellent choice. The ancient Greeks associated emerald with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, so give emeralds to the woman who holds your heart. Garnet symbolizes loyalty, passion and love.

For your mother

Celtic and Greek mythology associates moonstone with the triple goddess (maiden, mother and crone). Moonstone was thought to protect women’s health as well as promote nurturing.

For a young daughter or niece

Historically, coral has been associated with children. In many European nations, red coral beads are a traditional baby gift. But harvesting coral destroys coral reef. Buy imitation coral jewelry. If you must have real coral, look for vintage pieces, which have the added advantage of being truly one-of-a-kind.

For a sister 

Peridot brings the wearer good luck, prosperity and peace. Topaz can be used as an amulet against harm.

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