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The Gift of Letter Writing

There is a lost art in letter writing that I wish to hold onto. In this speedy world where anything can be done lickity-click, a handwritten letter takes time and shows thoughtfulness. Much like a fingerprint, a person's handwriting- as elegant or clumsy as it may be- is as much a piece of them as the color of their eyes or the sound of their voice. The handwriting of a loved one that has passed or the writing of a child that time has aged will forever be treasured because of who they are, not how beautiful the calligraphy.

I invite you to join me in handwriting a letter to someone you care for this month. It could be as short as a sentence, as practical as a favorite recipe, or as light-hearted as a joke. Whatever is written, write it in your own handwriting as a gift to be treasured by the person you give it to.

Wax Seals

Since a handwritten letter is a gift then the envelope should be treated like wrapping one. Sealing a letter with a wax stamp is a beautiful way to turn a standard paper letter into the gift that it is. 

Supplies needed

  1. Wax Sealing Stick

  2. Sealing Stamp

  3. Match or Lighter

How to apply a wax seal

  1. Light the wick and hold the stick parallel to the work surface. 

  2. Let wax slowly drip into a coin sized circle onto the paper. It’s tempting to angle the stick down to increase the speed of drips but avoid this as pieces of soot will fall into the wax and discolor it. 

  3. Blow out the flame and set the stick aside. 

  4. Press the sealing stamp onto the melted wax. Hold for a few seconds before lifting away. If it sticks, gently rock the seal back and forth to release. 

*Wax seals are able to be sent through the mail but you may consider an additional outer envelope to protect it from potential damage.

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