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The Glossary Salon

A modern salon specializing in exceptional experiences

The Glossary Salon is a modern, on-trend salon specializing in creating customized lived-in color, texture modifications, and thicker, fuller hair through professional hair extensions. The stylists at The Glossary are passionate about turning hair dreams into reality.

Instead of salon owner, founder Leah Leeds prefers the title “Creator of Exceptional Experiences.”

“I wanted to create a space where women could come and truly feel seen and heard,” says Leeds. “We first started with making the salon a women’s only space, which included making our makeovers directed to women only. I also minimized the marketing on single haircuts without color, which has completely taken away the hustle and bustle of a typical loud salon. Our stylists work mainly on clients looking for the new trends in hair fashions with a consciously conservative twist.”

Services at The Glossary include lived-in color, Balayage sun-kissed highlights, Brazilian smoothing for humidity control, blow outs, QiQi smoothing to change hair texture from pin straight, bouncy fullness or to refine curls, and luxury hand-tied hair extensions that fill in the front and look great in ponytails.

“The experience is almost dreamy when you walk in. The salon is busy yet peaceful and organized. The environment is the perfect balance of being in a public place with just the right amount of people watching, but not too many people around to change the clients peaceful experience.

“We teach our stylists to focus on the quality of clients, not quantity. In a typical salon, a stylist could work on ten clients a day, but at The Glossary, our stylists average three to four clients. The value we place on deliberately understanding their needs before they get to our salon, such as the virtual text consultations our new clients love doing, is immensely important to us. We do not allow anyone into the salon without first understanding their current hair and their inspiration picture. Once we completely understand their makeover needs, we will book a makeover for them based on the number of hours needed to spend to achieve their desired results. We do nothing quickly, only intentionally.”

Clients were wanting hairstyles seen on Pinterest and Instagram, but the terms were not fitting with what they were requesting. The Glossary created their own transformational terms known as their signature makeovers to better understand their dream hair. Take their 60 second quiz to find your signature makeover, which ranges from a touch up to a drastic transformation. Touch Up is for those regularly visiting the salon wanting to touch up roots and with or without a haircut, Shine Up adds a natural highlighted shine for natural color to shine through, Glow Up adds a medium amount of blonde for a noticeable shift, and Transform Me is for those wanting a drastic shift in color with big inspiration ideas.

“Our color makeovers have been going so well that we have currently added texture refinement services to our makeover offerings. We find that we can give the most perfectly accurate color for our clients, but the texture of the hair when taken home affects the way the client’s hair is viewed. This is where we are introducing our Salon Day Packages, which include color AND texture—the ultimate Pinterest hair experience. These packages are available to women that would like to invest in a day with us to cut their beauty regimen routine time in half. For a busy woman to reclaim 30 minutes a day from her time spent in her bathroom is priceless. For a woman that feels empowered and more comfortable when her hair is in control, these day packages have massive benefits that will leak into beautiful areas of her life, such as family and work. When we feel good, everything just flows, pops and clicks easily. We offer a range of easy to manage color and texture services—all the client needs to do is have a kernel of a vision and our stylists can take it from there.”

The Glossary is located at 8611 College Boulevard in Overland Park and will open their second location next year in 2023. For more information, visit