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The Good News in Real Estate

Change can Strengthen us

Article by Pat Manicom

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There are changes coming to how we buy and sell real estate. It will be different but not bad. Great agents will still be great, and all agents will get better. There are good things about the changes in real estate. Consumers will be more informed to make better decisions for themselves.

We are all going to ask more questions and get the facts.  We are going to help each other more.  We are going to disclose everything we know on both sides knowing that nothing is gained by hiding facts that always come out.  Disclosures will be more important than ever.

Transparency and accountability will be embraced.    

We will work as partners and know the tasks needed to find the perfect home and sell at the best price possible.  There will be more openness with fewer resentments or questions of what it costs to buy or sell a home. 

Solutions and the steps needed to resolve problems will be transparent.   We will work together. 

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