Baking Phenomenal Bread

Great Harvest Bread Co. in Arvada

Article by Monty Montgomery

Photography by Sean McNeil, Aspen Art Co

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Most franchises, whether they be fast food joints or bakery chains, are uniform in nature. When you walk into a McDonald’s or Panera Bread, you know what to expect. However, the Great Harvest off Wadsworth Boulevard is anything but uniform thanks to the franchise’s soulful Freedom Franchise model. 

This was a crucial selling point when Aimee and Micki, a mother-daughter ownership team, first looked at creating a community-focused business: “We didn’t previously consider a franchise, because we wanted to cater to our customers our way. It’s tough to do that with most franchise models, but Great Harvest allows for that personalization. We’ve always wanted to work together, so this is perfect for us.”

The ability to run a franchise without sacrificing the soul of the business is what separates Great Harvest from the rest, allowing its owners to serve their community in a truly unique way. In Aimee’s case, the Freedom Franchise model lets her cater to people who not only love the clean, high quality ingredients that Great Harvest is known for but also allows for guests that have special dietary restrictions. As owners who are both gluten-sensitive, Aimee and Micki have created a line of breads, goodies and make-it-at-home products that follow their mission to “bake phenomenal bread.”

Bread types and menu items from Great Harvest vary from shop to shop. Some owners install cafes or only do bread and cookies. At Aimee and Micki’s location, you’ll feel at home among local artistry, handmade tea towels, locally-sourced peanut butters, honeys, and mustards. And while each Great Harvest has a passion for the company’s mission, the only common denominators across every franchise are their signature Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat, White, and Dakota bread options. 

Some unique menu items include the bakery’s Colorado Crunch or the seasonal Cream Cheese Swirl Bread which rotates by the month. This month, you can sink your teeth into their French toast-worthy Cinnamon Apple Swirl Bread. Or, you can go the savory route with their Rosemary Garlic Bread and their famous sourdough, which undergoes an extra-long 24-hour proofing process.

Aimee stresses her shop’s focus on supporting the Arvada community in the team’s vision statement: “To be a place where employees and guests alike can build genuine relationships, experience greatness, discover wellness, and find community.” Visit Great Harvest at 7745 Wadsworth Boulevard in Arvada or browse their menu at arvadagreatharvest.com

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