The Greeley Lifestyle Team

The people behind the scenes helping to bring you the best of Greeley

Article by Caitlyn Olson

Photography by Adalyn Sinclair

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

Behind each Greeley Lifestyle publication is a team dedicated to bringing you engaging stories and quality photography. This team seeks out the best of Greeley’s business community, the movers and shakers within it, quality local experiences, restaurants, and hot spots, and DIYs to keep you and your family busy no matter the time of year. Hours of preparation, intention, and time go into each and every edition of the Greeley Lifestyle Magazine. Without a team of writers, creatives, and photographers dedicated to the mission and vision of Greeley Lifestyle, we would not be able to bring you the best of Greeley each month. We are so grateful for our team and their continued desire to highlight Greeley’s greatest businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, nonprofits, and stories. Meet the faces behind the Greeley Lifestyle team and join us in thanking them for their zeal for Greeley and the zest they bring to each edition. 

  1. Tara Norris, Publisher

  2. Caitlyn Olson, Editorial Coordinator

  3. Tasia Munger, Publisher Assistant

  4. Avery Hettinger, Social Media Coordinator

  5. Sydney Breakfield, Copy Editor, Writer

  6. Bethany Wiley, Writer

  7. Kelly Zeillmann, Writer

  8. Christi Norris, Writer

  9. Shel Francis, Photographer

  10. Adalyn Sinclair, Photographer

  11. Pace Clyncke, Photographer

  12. Diandra Brooks, Photographer

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