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Clean Cut Windows & Doors partners discuss business growth and overcoming challenges

Trevor Stevens was proudly serving in the United States Army when he arrived in Texas. Since being discharged and settling in Leander, he was drawn toward home services. It was a career path that he felt would allow him to really give back to the community.

“I was inspired to work in the window and door industry while working with my father-in-law for several years, and then as an independent contractor,” says Trevor. “By that time, I had about 10 years of experience. I knew moving forward in owning my own window and door company was the best step for my family.”

Josselyn Stevens, Trevor’s wife, was completely on board with the idea. She wanted to support her husband’s vision to own their own family-centered, morally-driven business. But the two wouldn’t be able to do it on their own. So, they talked to Chris Bonnet, who has been a friend for half of their lives.

“He didn’t even have to think about it. He said, ‘Yes, we’re doing this. When are we doing it?’ And that night, Trevor applied for the whole legal part,” says Josselyn. “The next day, we were in our living room, making our first sale. That was before we even had a website up!”

In a short time, Clean Cut evolved into a large team that handles multiple installation projects each day. Still, the focus on family is at its core. The three partners never wanted to lose time with their kids, so there were many days of everyone working in the living room together. Today, despite now having a location, there is no shortage of family at Clean Cut.

“Stepping into the office brings instant joy, as we’re reminded that we get to work with such great friends,” says Chris. “This relationship is contagious throughout the company since each of our employees sees us in great spirit. That spirit helps mold our culture of being family-centered, trustworthy, and cohesive.”

Clean Cut has experienced its fair share of hardship, making this energy all the more needed. Beginning right before the pandemic, they quickly had to adapt. Instead of in-home consultations, the team went virtual, even creating an easy-to-use DIY tool for customers to submit their own measurements. Yet, the biggest hurdle has not been COVID tests and masks.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019,” says Josselyn. “I used to independently practice family law, but after my diagnosis, I couldn’t continue working. When we started Clean Cut, it was partially to give me a professional purpose. Now, a lot of the giving back that we do is for the breast cancer community.”

In the midst of visiting customers, Josselyn and Trevor have made time for appointments and treatments. Chris has seen them through several phases of Josselyn’s diagnosis, finding ways to be as supportive as possible. With three children, the Stevens had been put under a tremendous amount of stress. But alongside Chris’s help, through doctor referrals to local organizations, they have been blessed with resources for their whole family over the past four years.

“Wonders & Worries is the gateway of support for your kids, and Camp Kesem is incredible—it really changed my kids’ views on life,” says Josselyn. “At any given time, concert or soccer game, they send eight to ten people to support them. You know that if something does happen to you, your kids still have people who are going to show up.”

Though days are spent healing themselves, Josselyn, Trevor, and Chris champion the causes of the Wounded Warrior Project, Hill Country Community Ministries, and Feed The Children through Clean Cut Cares. They also encourage customers to have their voices heard every step of the way through a project, welcoming them to the Clean Cut family.

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"The more successful we are, the more successful we can be at giving back," says Josselyn. “Our purpose is a lot bigger than being a window and door company.”

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