The Heart of Meteorology (And Hearing)

She shows up in your living room every morning with her cheerful and vivacious weather forecasts - a pleasant start to
any morning. And getting to know more about Meaghan Thomas only makes you like her more than you already do. A self-proclaimed 'Georgia Peach' with Tennessee roots, her role on Nashville’s News WKRN Channel 2 is her dream job, and always has been.

A trip to Huntsville’s Space Camp in middle school literally set her on the trajectory to the meteorologist we know, and love, today. Calling it “the best experience,” Meaghen was soon doing the coveted school announcements, serving as vice president of her class in high school and leading pep rallies. Essentially, she was living on a stage, conquering any iota of fear performing in
front of a public audience might cause.

In 2012, Meaghan got dual degrees at The University of Alabama in Geography and Communication with specialties in climatology and broadcast journalism. She then set her sights on Mississippi State for a Master of Science in Geoscience focusing on broadcast meteorology. In 2014, Meaghan was offered weekends in Birmingham and after three quick years, she was on to mornings. When Nashville came calling in 2020, “It was the easiest yes!,” she says.

What many may not know is that Meaghan wears hearing aids, and how she came to find out she needed them was a bit of a journey. It was almost natural for her not to hear. She has hereditary nerve damage with severe and profound hearing loss in both  ears. Discovered when she was being fit for an earpiece used in the studio and on-air, the expense of hearing aids is so high that Meaghan was able to only afford one. Obviously, wearing only one isn’t ideal. But through vocational rehab, proving she needed them for her job, Meaghen was being fit for her first pair at 26 years old. Meaghen was shocked and grateful when the staff said to her, “We are going to take care it.”

Her world opened up. People with hearing issues don’t know what they can’t hear - Meaghan heard her car blinker, air conditioning, and crickets. Now a brand ambassador for Signia Pure Charge&Go AX aids, Meaghan can answer any questions and explains how incredibly well-designed they are, even auto-dimming when the aids themselves realize the environment is loud.

Meaghan’s journey inspired her to create her non-profit, The Heart of Hearing. Focusing on 20–45-year-old young professionals and taking the burden whether it be financially, or connecting them with providers and raising awareness. In November 2021, Meaghan published the children's book “Heart of Hearing” with 100% of the proceeds going back to her organization. Busy in the studio and out, it's no wonder she’s one of Nashville’s favorite news personalities.

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