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Heartbeat Behind the Grapes

Get to know Flat Creek Estate’s Winemaker Olivier de Certaines and Chef Brian Osborne

When you make the turn into Flat Creek Estate, you are surrounded by rows of beautiful vineyards. Soon, you are fully immersed in a landscape that is uniquely Texan. As an all-day attraction welcoming people from any walk of life, owners Eva Horton and Neal Golden have helped to make Flat Creek so much more than its hundreds of awards and accolades.

At the center of this premier wine destination is a fresh-faced team committed to serving up a memorable visit. That includes distinguished winemaker Olivier de Certaines and Chef Brian Osborne.

Osborne came into The Bistro with a resort background, where he learned the significance of the overall customer experience. He and his wife also spent recent years farming on their 15 acres.

“Everyone at Flat Creek shares in that wonderful salt of the earth, Southern hospitality that Central Texas is known for. I cook elevated food, but I’m very much a country boy with a simple lifestyle,” says Osborne. “I want to show that things grow in our own backyard and it can be just as good, if not better, than some wildly expensive imported product.”

Osborne shares his vision for a locally-grown menu alongside de Certaines. Long before arriving in the Texas Hill Country, de Certaines grew up among the vineyards of Beaujolais, France. He is proud to be part of the pioneer generation of the Texas wine industry.

“A lot of winemaking techniques that are studied come from California. So when Texans first started making wine, they tried to do the California style,” says de Certaines. “But now I see more and more wineries going away from that, finding their own identities. That’s why it’s so exciting to be here. In my cellar, it’s fun because I get to experiment—there are no limits to creativity.”

Flat Creek Estate’s working winery is known for its incredible attention to detail. This is seen through the nighttime hand-harvesting of grapes and the utilization of a special yeast from a lab in France to produce the right wine.

What makes all of this possible is constructive feedback. Osborne has always heard from his mother that people are attracted to those who hold themselves accountable. Similarly, de Certaines finds great value in learning from the words of those around him.

“No one can ever make the same wine, so it’s important to be very open about the process. There are no secrets in the winemaking world. As an industry, we need to share more and work together. That’s how we improve,” says de Certaines. “At Flat Creek, we know that not all wines are perfect for every time and every person, so we have something for everyone.”

Dining with Flat Creek Estate means the perfect pairing of wines with seasonal selections, whether it be during a full-service meal or small bites on the Pavilion. For those new to Flat Creek, come in with an open mind about Osborne’s revamped menu and be ready for an experience like no other.

“I get inspired looking outside my window at the oak trees, the yellow Esperanza, the butterflies. When I’m stuck, I walk around and think, ‘How would nature do this?’” says Osborne. “And when I’m foraging, trimming a plant, or cutting something, whatever it is, I think about all the love that I can put into it. I owe it to that thing to treat it with the utmost respect and showcase it in a way that people can truly appreciate.”

Make the trip to 24912 Singleton Bend E, Marble Falls to enjoy Flat Creek Estate’s Tuscan-inspired tasting room and dining options at The Bistro. Learn more at

“It doesn't really matter what you're trying specifically. It's that you feel someone's passion behind it.” -Chef Brian Osborne