The Holiday Haven: Quench Hydration

How this local wellness center can help you rejuvenate through the holiday hustle

Quench Hydrate, a wellness clinic and Medspa led by board-certified physician Dr. Sarit Hovav, was meticulously crafted through extensive research. The clinic, known for its luxurious setting, offers a comprehensive range of services to elevate every aspect of your overall well-being.

Services include hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, aesthetics, and IV Therapy geared for a variety of ailments, from dehydration to memory improvement and anti-aging.

"We're a holistic wellness center committed to helping every person regain vitality, youthfulness, and whole person beauty from the inside out," expressed Quench Hydrate Founder & Medical Director Dr. Hovav.

Dr. Hovav's professional journey began in internal medicine, but her desire for a deeper impact led her to clinical research at UCLA's Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. There, her work in brain stimulation and neuroimaging made substantial contributions to medical literature and clinical trials. However, her yearning to provide direct patient care ultimately guided her to where she is now.

She became a medical director and established a private practice, Lifetime Insight, where she integrated conventional medical management with holistic strategies. Yet her quest for a greater variety of treatments that combine traditional and non-traditional methods led her to extensive training in bio-identical hormone management, nutritional optimization, and optimizing anti-aging strategies. This culminated in the birth of Quench Hydrate. Dr. Hovav's vision at Quench encompasses both inner and outer well-being.

"Everyone can benefit from our services as we prioritize health optimization regardless of age and gender. Our offerings cater to various well-being aspects, such as weight management, nutritional enhancement, hormone regulation, and aesthetic enhancements, promoting a more youthful yet natural appearance. Men and women of all age groups can reap these benefits," states Dr. Hovav.

During the holiday season, we often prioritize others, neglecting self-care. Dr. Hovav emphasizes the importance of vigilance in maintaining aspects such as mood, hydration, proper nutritional support, and overall health throughout the holidays and the year.

"Self-care is vital during the holidays, but it must be a consistent, year-round priority," stressed Dr. Hovav.

For those seeking self-care options during the holiday season, Dr. Hovav recommends indulging in relaxing facials, rehydration through IV therapy, or addressing hormone imbalances to combat brain fog, irritability, and poor sleep.

Quench Hydrate will help you on your path to better health, stress reduction, improved self-care routines, and overall well-being.

Of course, we can't ignore that wellness from the inside is half of the work. The other work is wellness from the outside. When you look good, you feel good.

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