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Meg Labaziewicz

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The Holiday Table

Four local interior designers share their takes on elevated holiday place settings.

As the holidays approach, streets are aglitter with twinkling lights. Inflatable snow globes bloom on lawns. Trees preen in windows. Mistletoe beckons mischievously from doorways. But one surface often goes overlooked: the holiday table. Why wait until the big day to decorate?

We invited four local interior designers to Stacy Furniture and tasked them each with a special mission: create an elevated holiday place setting.

Each design is a unique take on setting the holiday table. Andrea Krolick's is all about "bling" and Holly Bellomy's showcases a fresh spin on traditional, while Meg Labaziewicz's details dazzle and Mary Edwards' elevates a classic combination.

No matter your style, these designs are sure to inspire.

Andrea Krolick of Andrea Krolick Custom Interiors [top left]

Andrea’s design, with sleek silver accents and touches of bling, embodies our desire to dress up and have fun this holiday season. Andrea specializes in transforming clients’ ideas into aesthetically pleasing creations. She's passionate about "personalizing a client's space and making it uniquely them!" While Andrea’s interest in interior design dates back to childhood, she began her professional career in 1985. She loves helping her clients achieve their design dreams while staying on budget—without sacrificing quality. Email or visit

Meg Labaziewicz of Inspired Interiors by Meg [top right]

Meg’s design features a touch of the earth with flocked greenery, encapsulating memories of fresh, sparkling snow on Christmas morning. Meg enjoys bringing clients’ visions to life and delights in moments when they reveal hidden treasures. Meg says, “Having the things around you that are most important to you is what makes a house a home.” Her interest in interior design began when her children were in school and she was updating her family’s home. After helping countless friends with their homes, she started her own firm. Email or visit

Holly Bellomy of Holly Bellomy Interiors [bottom left]

Holly’s fresh take on traditional features classic red and green, but incorporates a sleek black plate for a masculine edge and a trendy touch with champagne flatware. Holly enjoys client collaboration and especially looks forward to the final design presentation when the final concept with computer renderings is revealed. She notes, however, that “There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a plan come to fruition!” Holly transitioned out of real estate staging and has relished the creative fulfillment of interior design since 2012. Email or visit

Mary Edwards of Stacy Furniture & Design [bottom right]

Mary’s design draws on her love of green and gold. Gold, she notes, is making “a huge return in every facet of design” this year. Her place setting also features a serendipitous find: a golden wine glass. Mary loves the look on clients’ faces when they see their finished spaces. Mary was nine when she first started drawing house plans and jokes that her mother never knew where the furniture was going to be. Her grandfather, by the way, owned a furniture store in downtown Dallas in 1900. Email or visit

Special thanks to Stacy Furniture & Design. Visit their showroom at 111 N. Central Expressway, Allen, TX 75013.

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