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The Home Team

Owner Mark Lafferty and The Interior sets the standard for homeowners looking to remodel, renovate, or redecorate.

Imagine being able to renovate your home and then redecorate with the same team from the same business. You can modernize outdated kitchen cabinets, swap out lighting fixtures, or install a whole new shower without having to look elsewhere for new accent pillows or a statement coffee table. You can have walls painted and even rugs cleaned after making one phone call.

You can, in fact, do all of these things—and more—with The Interior. Mark Lafferty, who has a background in textiles, founded the business in February 2019 as a haven for Dallas residents to tackle their home renovation and design projects and a place where they can find the perfect contemporary or modern piece to complement any room.

“We had been in Plano but had been looking for a location to expand our business, and this was the perfect location to deliver to our targeted clientele,” Lafferty says of the inaugural storefront on Inwood Road, in the heart of the Park Cities and Preston Hollow. “The Inwood location is our main spot that we opened first, and as we expanded our merchandise and the size of our design projects, we opened our second location in the heart of the Design District to multiply our clientele and attract more business. Both locations have an abundance of merchandise, with our location in the Design District being twice the size of the original Inwood location.”

As an entity, The Interior caters to bespoke clients and offers renovations, remodeling, and design projects to match and mirror the customer’s precise taste and style. There are several in-house designers who can help clients take on a whole home remodel or focus on a particular room or area. If the client requires a renovation, The Interior partners with a construction team to get the job done, but the beauty remains that you need only to work directly with The Interior, no matter the project.

“They come out and see the space, see what would work best, what renovations are in your budget, what you have in mind—and compare that with items we have in store from our vendors, and craft that all together to make a space that’s all yours from The Interior,” says social media manager and design associate Coco Pons. “We can do start-to-finish renovations or a smaller project where you need to reduce space.”

When it comes to The Interior’s design inventory, Lafferty and the designers have amassed an eclectic mix that still feels elevated and distinguished. “The selection of merchandise is a unique blend of contemporary and transitional pieces that have a certain style and flare,” Lafferty says. “This blend can be used throughout your home in any way you’d like.”

Of course, what was trending during the years many homes in the Park Cities and beyond were built is no longer in vogue, causing homeowners to reevaluate the aesthetics of their living spaces. While browns and beiges once dominated kitchens and bathrooms, whites and grays have taken their place in many cases. But now, according to lead designer Vicki Lewis, clients are moving away from the stark white that has reigned in recent years.

“You don’t see as much white white anymore,” Lewis says. “I think a lot of people have softened down to a gray or an ivory. We’re also seeing a majority of the furniture in neutral tones—and then the accessories and pillows, things that can be changed out more easily, in more color.”

Lafferty agrees that color is back, something that helps to create more of a statement room. “Whether it be in accessories, rugs, pillows, or lamps, adding that splash of color can create that happy point in your home,” he says. “In the coming year, I also see natural and neutral colors expanding, with a hint of earth tones being interjected in the color palettes.”

For Lafferty, being located in Dallas is a boon for The Interior and its many clients throughout the area. Dallas is the mecca of design, he says, and with that, it brings art, interior, and fashion trends to the forefront of conversation. It’s a mix of young and old, old and new—and there’s always something happening.

“Dallas gives you a true sense of being,” Lafferty says. “We are always looking to grow the business where our clients are living within the communities, and we would love to expand our business even further.”

The fact that The Interior is able to carefully listen to each client, find out what they want, and then deliver based on their large inventory in a short amount of time is what sets the business apart from the many home and design retailers in Dallas. And Lafferty is intent on staying on the cusp of evolving styles while utilizing his force of a team to bring every customer’s dream to life.

“We will be working closely with other designers and realtors to collaborate in the Dallas community to dominate the housing and neighborhoods around Dallas, Fort Worth,” Lafferty says. “We will use our time wisely while your home is being transformed as we are planning and ordering furnishings to make them ready for your home to complete.”

The selection of merchandise is a unique blend of contemporary and transitional pieces that have a certain style and flare.

  • Founder Mark Lafferty

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