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The Hottest Beauty Trends for 2022

Here, the Latest and Greatest

Technology is changing rapidly—which is great for those looking for the newest and most effective anti-aging treatments. We checked in with Chandler’s SkinLab Laser Aesthetics & Wellness (, where their team of top beauty experts, led by physician Dr. Placella, shared the hottest new beauty trends for 2022.


Eye-bags tend to worsen as people age, but new treatments can help. For those who prefer a treatment rather than surgery, radiofrequency (RF), laser, and micro-needling yield great non-surgical results—so much so that advancements with RF treatments have rendered the surgical blepharoplasty nearly obsolete.


BOTOX®, which started as a hush-hush Hollywood beauty secret, is now as common as Kleenex. What you probably don’t know is that it’s just one brand of a neurotoxin. Yes, it’s universally loved, but it does have its pros and cons. New neurotoxin treatments launch all the time, and there is a promising lineup of new wrinkle-smoothing technologies that have joined the lineup of aesthetic all-stars.

Dysport: Primarily used for correcting glabellar lines (the frown lines between your eyebrows), Dysport is fast-acting—with final results within five days—and treatment lasting up to drive months. It’s a great option for those who have moderate to severe frown lines.

Xeomin: For some people, Xeomin, which works to smooth wrinkles quickly, can last longer than Botox. And, people who have gained tolerance to BOTOX or find that it no longer does the trick often switch to Xeomin for better, more long-lasting results.

Jeuveau: This has rapidly gained acclaim as the hottest “newtox” and is made of different forms of botulinum toxin than BOTOX.


Kiss your double-chin goodbye! RF treatments and Cryolipolisis are combined with the injectable Kybella to easily sculpt the jawline and eliminate unsightly bulges with ease.


Could facelifts become a thing of the past? It’s possible with the advances in technology. Today, RF, combined with lasers, can lift, tighten, and smooth skin.


Emsculpt NEO: This hot new body contouring treatment is popular with celebrities. Its muscle stimulation and radiofrequency heat tone muscles while burning fat. It is popular for sculpting abs, waists, and backsides.

CoolSculpting: This remains a popular option. It uses cold technology to freeze fat cells that the body then naturally disposes.


EmTone and VirtueRF Microneedling offer proven, non-invasive options to visibly improve skin tone, tighten skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


In addition to normal hair loss due to aging, or hair loss due to medical conditions, one condition faced by people diagnosed with COVID-19 is acute and long-term hair loss. It can affect both men and women. Thankfully, technological advancements are rapidly being made in the realm of hair restoration. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a substance drawn from your blood and injected into your scalp that can purportedly help heal bodily tissues, including follicles from which your hairs grow. Combination treatments are designed to wake up hair follicles and stimulate growth and can include PRP Injections to the scalp, PRP Microneedling, laser treatments, customized hormone treatments, and supplement stacks that support natural wellness pathways that promote and support the growth of healthy skin and hair.