The Icons of West Austin Architecture

A Closer Look at Alterstudio Architecture and David Manning Architecture.

In the heart of West Austin's burgeoning architectural scene lie two firms that have woven their design brilliance into the fabric of the community - Alterstudio Architecture and David Manning Architecture. Each firm carries a unique essence that sets them apart, crafting exceptional spaces that resonate with West Austin residents. Let us delve into what makes these firms special, through their own words.

At the core of Alterstudio's approach is a commitment to the cultural and natural environments of the communities they serve. Their precise and creative buildings, landscapes, and interiors sensitively respond to the local ecology, promoting sustainable design that respects finite resources. "We believe that great architecture should deepen our everyday experience while it elevates our awareness of a larger, changing world," says Kevin Alter, a founding partner of Alterstudio.

A prime example of their distinctive style is the Cuernavaca Residence, nestled in a wooded lot. This home showcases a restrained yet textured use of materials like rift sawn oak, mill finished steel, galvanized metal panels, and concrete, creating an environment that evolves with the changing play of light and shadow. The residence thoughtfully integrates with its natural surroundings, establishing long views to the limestone shelf of the Colorado River and a rolling meadow. Inside, dramatic vistas, raw concrete, and fine walnut millwork coalesce to create a space that is both intimate and dynamic.

Alterstudio's personalized approach, where clients' needs and desires are carefully considered, leads to individual and unexpected solutions for each project. The firm's consistent attention to design excellence has earned them numerous regional, national, and international awards, making them a celebrated architecture firm both within the community and beyond.

David Manning Architecture, is another standout of West Austin's architectural landscape, boasting a distinct design resume and a philosophy that revolves around problem-solving and enhancing lifestyles through shaped spaces. For David Manning, meeting clients and understanding their needs is the first step towards creating personalized and unique elements within each project. "I am always eager to get the 'lay of the land,'" says David Manning, owner of David Manning Architecture.

The Westlake Cove House is an embodiment of David Manning's design approach. Situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Austin, this home was designed with a deep consideration of the client's passion for waterskiing and entertaining. Sliding walls of glass and an outdoor fireplace by the swimming pool exemplify how design can seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a harmonious flow between the residence and its natural surroundings.

Sustainability is a key aspect of David Manning Architecture's design ethos. With an emphasis on guarding against solar gain in the Texan climate, incorporating shading, protecting trees, and ensuring continuous insulation, all projects employ sustainability systems. For an upcoming small office building project, Manning explores the use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) to enhance energy efficiency.

Remaining at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations in architecture is crucial for David Manning Architecture with the firm actively participating in international design competitions to stay inspired and informed.

As these two prominent architecture firms enrich the West Austin community with their distinct design philosophies, they share a common thread: a passion for creating spaces that seamlessly blend with their natural surroundings, harmonizing the built environment with the world around us. Alterstudio Architecture and David Manning Architecture exemplify the pinnacle of architectural brilliance, crafting homes that transcend the ordinary and elevate the human experience. Together, these two firms create a harmonious tapestry of architectural brilliance, reflecting the true essence of West Austin and its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural beauty. 

"Alterstudio Architecture and David Manning Architecture exemplify architectural brilliance, crafting homes that transcend the ordinary and elevate the human experience."

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