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Attentive and Knowledgeable Service Is Key to Jeanette Betton’s Business

Concierge. The word conjures up a smartly dressed employee seated at a desk in a fashionable hotel lobby whose job is to help guests procure what they need to enjoy their stay. Jeanette Betton, owner of Dynamic Designs Jewelry, takes this same approach, catering to customers who seek a perfect piece of jewelry. 

Jeanette started her business 34 years ago in Spokane, Washington, after working in fashion, modeling and the retail jewelry business. Having seen firsthand inequities in compensation—yes, even then—she knew she had to strike out on her own. She moved to Seattle, opened two stores and developed a loyal customer base. 

After personal issues necessitated a lifestyle change, she decided on a new tack: “appointment jewelry.” Her customers followed her because they had come to appreciate her experience in the industry. Although this approach can be daunting for new customers at first, most come around.

“They can ask questions and get honest answers from someone who is knowledgeable,” Jeanette says. 

Custom design is her specialty, and to ensure satisfaction, she likes to get to know her clients. She’ll ask about their work, lifestyle, taste, budget and leisure activities. All of this goes into determining which piece will be compatible with a person’s life. For example, if someone regularly plays sports wearing a ring with a stone in it, the stone and setting must be able to withstand such activity.

Individualized service also means dissuading people from ill-considered choices. Some clients will bring ideas from the internet, which may not necessarily be flattering. Jeanette suggests starting with her wide range of inventory instead.

“If they start with my samples, they can get a better idea of what will look good,” she says.

Then they can consider their own physical characteristics, the metal, stone and style.

Jeanette recounts an illustrative story about the value of knowing clients. She had been attending Seattle wedding shows for years and had seen women taking more initiative in designing their engagement/wedding rings. She developed a design for a client, who then sent it to her boyfriend. The boyfriend was indecisive and wanted to meet with Jeanette. As they talked, Jeanette asked him how they met, what he liked about her, how they fell in love. By the end of the conversation, he insisted on “getting this thing going right now!” and ordered the ring. Shortly thereafter, she attended their engagement party.

Sometimes a personal touch makes all the difference.

For more information or an appointment, visit DynamicDesignsJewelry.com.

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