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The Ladies of Intueat

Lady Bosses

Company synopsis: Discover the dynamic female trailblazers behind INTUEAT, the premier luxury brand and digital marketplace, creating magical in-home dining experiences while empowering local artisan chefs and elevating their brands. These exceptional women are the driving force behind INTUEAT's extraordinary success.

Liza McCann:

Introducing Liza McCann, INTUEAT's talented Senior Brand Manager, who skillfully designs and delivers the brand's visual assets and identity. With extensive experience in branding and design, Liza is instrumental in defining the company's visual language, ensuring that it resonates with our discerning clientele and embodies the essence of our luxury in-home dining experiences.

A creative powerhouse with an eye for aesthetics, Liza combines artistic flair with strategic thinking to craft captivating branding and design assets that set INTUEAT apart from the competition. Her unwavering commitment to excellence has played a pivotal role in elevating the brand's visual presence, garnering recognition within the industry and beyond.

Liza's passion for the culinary arts, coupled with her keen understanding of design trends and consumer preferences, enables her to create visually striking materials that effectively communicate INTUEAT's unique value proposition. She works closely with our diverse team of artisan chefs, ensuring their individual styles and stories are represented within the company's design elements.

Under Liza's expert guidance, INTUEAT's brand and visual presence continue to grow, reaching new audiences and fostering a community of loyal clients who appreciate the exceptional experiences our company delivers. Liza McCann's dedication, expertise, and creative vision make her an indispensable asset to the INTUEAT team and a vital contributor to our ongoing success.

Rebecca Linen:

Introducing Rebecca Linen, INTUEAT's dedicated Creative & Marketing Manager, who expertly collaborates with our chefs to produce compelling visual content that promotes and elevates our artisan chefs' brands. With a unique blend of loyalty, personability, honesty, and unwavering commitment, Rebecca consistently fosters strong relationships with our chefs. She ensures their stories are told in the most authentic and captivating manner.

Equipped with a diverse skill set in creative direction, marketing strategy, and visual storytelling, Rebecca is the driving force behind INTUEAT's authentically curated footage and imagery that engages audiences and showcases the talents of our chefs. Her understanding of the culinary world and its nuances, combined with her keen eye for aesthetics, enables her to craft visually stunning materials that resonate with our discerning clientele.

Working closely with each chef, Rebecca dives deep into their individual styles, culinary philosophies, and cultural backgrounds to create a bespoke narrative that reflects their unique essence. She excels at highlighting the passion, craftsmanship, and innovation that define our chefs, propelling their brands forward and solidifying their positions within the industry.

Rebecca Linen's loyalty, expertise, and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable member of the INTUEAT team. Through her creative vision and marketing prowess, she continues to play a crucial role in driving the success of our artisan chefs and shaping the future of INTUEAT.

Janice Reyes:

Introducing Janice Reyes, INTUEAT's exceptional Platform Event Manager, who seamlessly coordinates chef-client bookings through our digital marketplace. Janice is the vital link between our talented chefs and discerning clients, ensuring that each INTUEAT event transforms into a magical dining experience.

With a strong background in event management and an unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction, Janice excels at facilitating clear and effective communication between both parties. She attentively addresses the unique needs and preferences of our clients while working in tandem with our chefs to create unforgettable culinary moments.

Janice's meticulous attention to detail, combined with her ability to anticipate potential challenges, enables her to deliver a seamless booking process and flawless execution of each event. Her unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every interaction, as she goes above and beyond to exceed clients' expectations.

As the primary liaison between our clients and chefs, Janice plays a critical role in maintaining the high standards that INTUEAT is known for. Her passion for creating extraordinary experiences and her exceptional organizational skills make her an indispensable asset to the INTUEAT team, contributing significantly to our ongoing success and the satisfaction of our clients and chefs.

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