The Last Exteriors Company You'll Need

Ian Smith discusses the importance of a roof and a home you can trust.

Working with a professional exteriors company can be the key to keeping your home protected from the elements and achieving the look you want for your home's exterior.

What is Omega Exteriors?

Ian Smith, founder of Omega Exteriors, knew he wanted to open his own company after working at another company in the field. "From the first day, I decided that after 5 years in the industry I was going to start my own business," Ian says. "I started it with 3 people. In a few months, I was able to increase that to a team of 22. It's been a great experience."

When Ian started Omega Exteriors, he had a vision to be the last exteriors company clients would use. "Omega means last in Greek," he says. "We go above and beyond, whether it's with quality control checks, the quality of our materials, or the communication between us and the homeowner. I like to go above and beyond for the homeowner and give them peace of mind."

Although Omega Exteriors offers many services, including roofing, siding, and gutters, their most popular service is "definitely roofing," says Ian. "This past year, we did about 300 roofs."

With the weather in Minnesota, it's no wonder roofing services are exceedingly popular. "Hail doesn't pick favorites," Ian says. "People should get their roof and exterior inspected after every storm. While hail can be varied in size, what matters is how hard it is and how strong the winds are. Most homeowners don't realize they have a damaged home until it becomes a problem."

One of the reasons people might not notice damages right away is that they don't expect to—roofs in Minnesota have shorter lifespans than the same roofs in other locations due to the Minnesotan weather. "In Minnesota, while most people think they have a 30 year use for their roof, the average roof only lasts 18 years," Ian says.

Different types of roofing impact the longevity of your roof, too. "Asphalt is your general product with a life expectancy of about 30 years," says Ian. "Some higher-end shingles are going to be between 40 and 50 years, A synthetic tile has about a 50-year life expectancy and gives you a very high quality roof."

Why do you love your job?

"I'm truly helping people," says Ian. "I'm able to take a home that someone may have lived in for the past 5 years or the past 30 years, make a change, and see the homeowner be super happy, see them loving the end result. Their face after showing them the final work is incredible. We do drone pictures before and after so they can truly see the difference."

In addition, Ian speaks highly of the staff at Omega Exteriors. "We have such a great team," he says, "and we're truly able to impact their lives. We want to create a great culture for our staff and in our relationships with our clients."

"I do what I love every day," says Ian. "I don't work a day in my life."

To learn more, visit omega-exteriors.com.

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