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The Latest Gear and Goods for the Outdoor Minded

How to take on Tucson's outdoor adventures -- in style!

Are you looking to take on one of Tucson’s many hiking trails for your next summer adventure? Dressing for the desert heat is a key part of safely enjoying the great outdoors, whether you’re new to the area or a seasoned local. Practicality is essential for outdoor gear, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice fashion for functionality! If you’re looking to stay safe in style, this head to toe starter kit will make the hiking trail feel more like a runway.

A head to toe guide wouldn’t be complete without a good hat. Head coverings are essential for venturing out under the hot sun to shade your face and protect your head from sunburn. Any hat will do, but Troy Martin at Summit Hut recommends a wide brimmed hat for maximum coverage. The 90’s are back in a big way this summer, and this Kavu sun hat channels all the vintage vibes. For extra sun protection, the Tilley Endurables Airflo broad brim hat offers an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+.

Tops should be selected with both breathability and sun protection in mind. Look for tops that have reinforced fabric around the shoulders and a high UPF. For men, the REI Sahara long sleeve sunshirt uses trendy earth tones and a UPF of 30 to keep the wearer cool in more ways than one. Pastels aren’t just the summer’s newest color palette, they also reflect heat away from the body. Summit Hut’s Freefly Bamboo Shade Hoodie uses sustainable bamboo fabric in stylish pastels to deliver a UPF of 50+. Talk about staying cool in long sleeves!

Protecting your legs from Tucson’s spiny vegetation means looking for pants with strong fabric. Both REI and Summit Hut stock the prAna Halle pant, which combines a comfortable four way stretch with anti-abrasion material to create pants that are made to last. Convertible cargo pants never go out of style, and the adaptability makes them ideal for early morning or late night hikes. Check out the KUHL men’s Renegade Convertible Pants at REI for a breathable, water-repellant option.

Having the right footwear for hiking will keep your feet comfortable and supported. Any tennis shoe will do, but if you’re looking for options to conquer Tucson’s rocky terrain, these shoes are built with strong soles and a stiff base for extra support. At REI, HOKAs are trending for both men and women, and they have a wide range of styles for every preference. If you prefer a hiking boot, the Camino Evo GTX boot at Summit Hut is built to last with a nailed-in sole.

Now that you have the perfect outfit, carrying the correct gear is the final step in safety. Stop by Summit Hut for the Cotopaxi backpacks, offering a one-of-a-kind and sustainable option in trendy bright colors. Bag essentials should include a small first aid kit, headlamp, trail map, and a water reservoir. Hydration is key, and sales lead Melia Knecht at REI recommends using the “one liter per hour” rule as a guide for how much water to bring. The Osprey hydration reservoirs at REI offer a variety of sizes for any length of time on the trail. 

Don’t forget about your furry friends! Dogs don’t regulate their temperatures the way that people do, and it’s important to keep your pets equally hydrated and protected. Stash a collapsible water bowl in your backpack for something to drink out of. Tucson’s rocky terrain means that paws need extra protection, and the Ruff Wear dog boots are an excellent choice for on and off the trail. For an extra layer of cooling, the Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler at REI fits like a vest and helps regulate temperature. 

  • Summit Hut - KAVU Chillba Sun Hat
  • Summit Hut - Tilley Endurables LTM6 Airflo Broad Brim Hat
  • Summit Hut - Freefly Bamboo Shade Hoody
  • REI Co-op Sahara Solid Long-Sleeve Shirt
  • Summit Hut - prAna Halle Pant
  • REI - HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 5 Trail-Running Shoe
  • Summit Hut - Lowa Boots Camino Evo GTX
  • Cotopaxi Luzon 24L Backpack
  • REI - Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir
  • Summit Hut - Ruff Wear Grip Trex Pairs
  • REI - Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler Dog Vest