The Magic of Crystals

Healing, Empowering And Energizing Others With Extraordinary Knowledge And Skills

When Ataana Badilli, a renowned healer, opened Nashville Crystal Store in Berry Hill, he had already been supporting the Nashville community since 2005 by using consciously sourced crystals. 

In 2018, Amanda Dunn joined him to assist in the opening of a second location in East Nashville. Today, there are also stores in Chattanooga and Brentwood, the latter of which just opened last year. 

“Upon entry, our knowledgeable and intuitive staff is there to support you on your journey with crystal information,” says Amanda. “Each crystal is labeled with its individual properties, so it’s like a crystal pharmacy."

She herself describes how crystals have impacted her life. “My physical body was failing, and a neighbor gave me a crystal to help me.” She held that crystal all through the night. The next day, she says “I was walking and holding more life force. My energy had shifted. That crystal changed my life.”

After that experience, Amanda knew she had to help others in the same way. She says she is dedicated to the empowerment of others, working with the meditation that assisted her throughout her own life to help others see possibilities, unfoldment, self-healing, and potential. She incorporates a healing modality known as the Ataana Method: Sacred Inner Dialogue, which was created by Ataana Badilli. 

Her specialized work within the stores ranges from operations to crystal pairings. “We offer weekly guided crystal meditations, frequency healing, and sound baths.”

The various Crystal Stores specialize in healing crystals as well as gemstones from around the globe. While in the store, you can instantly see the beauty of the crystals, which range from eight feet tall to pocket size. 

Some of the stores’ most popular items include bracelets that feature white howlite, purple amethyst, and black obsidian. Its various palm stones are also on the best sellers list. Customers can find the beautiful orange and red carnelian, fluorite in shades of green and blue, and the soothing lavender colors of lepidolite.

Visiting the Crystal Stores and seeing the most amazing crystals from all over the world, she says, is an incredible experience.

These stores allow her and Ataana to assist in cultivating their abilities to help support specific needs, while also providing a special environment that sensitive people are drawn towards. “It is our job to ensure safety and energy, not only for the crystals, but also for the people who are present in the stores, and to also have a harmonious atmosphere where sensitive beings are welcome.” 

“We have worked directly with the miners and their families for 40-plus years to ensure a fair and healthy process for everyone involved, including the crystals. We also work with clients in specialized placements of larger stones anchored on properties, provide museum-grade specimens, crystal knowledge and feng shui.”

In addition to the crystals, customers love the beautiful gemstones. For Valentine’s Day, the stores will have a wide array of gemstone jewelry as well as unique crystal gifts. “We love to assist in helping people find that something special for their loved ones,” says Amanda. “We work with artists from around the world with one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry, sculptures, and crystal furniture.”

She wants people to come in and experience one of the stores for themselves. “We encourage families and children to participate in experiencing our stores and crystals.”






“That crystal changed my life.”

“Each crystal is labeled with its individual properties, so it’s like a crystal pharmacy.”

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