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The Magic of Manners

Meet the Local Author Making Learning About Manners Fun and Interactive

Local author Karen Joseph is on a mission to show young children and their families how even the smallest manners and kindness can make a big difference.

“As with anything in life, if we make it fun, children will want to join in,” she says.

With this in mind, her new book, Manners are Magical, aimed at children ages 4 to 8, is a 30-day guide filled with activities that help adults teach their little ones basic manners and kindness skills in fun and interactive ways.

Joseph shares that the daily activities take an average of 10-15 minutes each, and include things like The Good or Bad Manners game, Pass the Piggy—a game to play at mealtimes—and a Magical Ways to Make Someone’s Day word search, among others.

Interested parents and caregivers can also add on Bunny Manners and Nanny Manners, puppets meant to entertain and supplement lessons and activities from the book. A former educator, Joseph says she is in her element when sharing the book with children.

“I stopped teaching when my kids were born, but I have recently spent time visiting classes and ICAN in Chandler with Bunny Manners and Manners are Magical, and I realize how much I missed being around children,” she explains. “The book is much more than just teaching children manners, but it also talks about kindness, how we can respect each other, be good community citizens, and how to be responsible.”

She adds that the topics of manners and kindness are important because they “set children up for a lifetime of confidence, happiness, and success.”

“Think about the children in your life … They are internalizing everything you say and every move you make,” she says. “Do your best to make sure they are imitating what you want them to see.”

Inspired by the magic of manners, she is in the beginning stages of starting her own nonprofit called Kids Kindness.

“The nonprofit will focus on children, kindness, and community,” Joseph explains. “Kindness is magical, and the more you give, the more you get!”

For those who wish to support her nonprofit efforts, e-mail to get involved. For the book, visit