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The Mindset Doctor Is In

Local Transformation Coach Helps Empowers Clients

Life is unpredictable.

Most of the time, it moves along at a certain pace that surrounds people with security. However, sometimes it can take an unexpected turn that that results in an entirely different trajectory.

Such is the case in the life of Dr. Justin Moseley.

A well-known local chiropractor, Justin and his wife Dr. Courtney Moseley founded Music City Health Center in Hendersonville in 2012. Their practice was dedicated to treating patients and helping them to learn how to improve their physical health. As part of this effort, Justin spent considerable time speaking to groups about how to lead healthier lives.

Thanks to the Moseleys’ hard work and community outreach, their clinic thrived and became very successful. It seemed that everything was going their way – until 2018.

That year, Justin experienced a serious accident that resulted in a near-death experience which would profoundly change his life.

During his lengthy recuperative process, Justin had a lot of time to think. Despite the stress and pain of recovery, he realized that he was fortunate and that he had been given a second chance.

“Before the accident, my life revolved around our practice. I was content to just help local folks improve their health,” says Justin. “However, after my mishap, my focus shifted. I no longer wanted to just change local lives, I wanted to change lives around the world.”

Once he had recovered, Justin decided that he wanted to expand his public speaking prowess to address more than just physical health issues. He spent a great deal of time listening to and following influential motivational speakers as a way to hone his own presentation techniques.

“I adapted techniques that I learned from some of the world’s most dynamic transformation coaches, including my personal favorite, Tony Robbins,” says Justin. “Eventually, my own unique style began to emerge, which I describe as inspiring and empowering.”

Since 2018, Justin has spoken at events all over the United States, as well as in several foreign countries. He recently became a TEDx presenter, which has significantly expanded his speaking opportunities at larger conferences.

“During my talks, I don’t speak to the audience. Instead, I speak for the audience,” says Justin. “Too many professional speakers make their talks more about themselves than the needs of the audience. I differentiate myself by focusing on delivering value to my audience. I speak to transform, not merely inform.”

Most of Justin’s clients know him as “The Mindset Doctor”, a name that he acquired at a conference several years ago.

“Once, I was speaking at a Mastermind retreat when a man approached me during a break,” says Justin. “He said ‘I love what you do. You’re the Mindset Doctor.’ The name stuck, and I have been the Mindset Doctor ever since.”

Justin takes no ownership for the topics he chooses for his presentation. Instead, he is quick to give the credit to a higher power.

“I am a man of faith, and I believe that my messages are inspired by what God puts on my heart to share,” says Justin. “I feel that I am meant to speak on topics that will help people maximize their potential and become the best versions of themselves.”