The Mindset of Wellbeing

Erin Joy, consultant and executive coach sets an example for her daughter and future leaders.

Can we talk about the mindset of well-being?

If there is ever a time to prioritize how you're feeling, how you're doing, your energy, and your health, it's now.

I'm convinced that people who get ahead and achieve their goals with intention do so by prioritizing themselves. This mindset of well-being is a competitive advantage. When we prioritize self-care, health, and well-being, we can use those disciplines to drive our personal and business lives forward.

The solutions we seek to generating success for ourselves don’t come solely from being a hard worker, putting our heads down, or pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps - though that's certainly part of it. Another big part is treating yourself as a whole person.

When I talk about a well-being mindset, I'm not talking about seeing the doctor and doing yoga. Although those are important things to do. I am talking about prioritizing sleep. I'm talking about having a routine for your day. Add simple things like a warm bath every night (hint: visit Kind Soap in Webster) to decompress from the day and think about the day ahead. Drink more water, add more plants to your plate, and be careful about caffeine consumption related to sleep.

As a doctoral candidate researching business psychology, specifically success and well-being among entrepreneurs, I will tell you that based on my own experience, my consulting practice, my coaching practice, and my academic studies, we can achieve our goals better or faster, certainly more enjoyably by focusing on being a whole person.

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