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The Movement of Well-Being

Gallatin is on the move, embracing relaxation in new ways

Article by Jessica Cheek

Photography by Payton Wright Photography

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

Imagine yourself lying by the pool in a sublime state of relaxation this summer. Your shoulders are low, your jaw is relaxed and muscle tension is nonexistent. Your mind is clear, and you are undisturbed by the fly buzzing around your glass of tart, yet sweet, ice-cold lemonade. You’ve just come back from a soothing lomi lomi massage followed by a tranquil float tank session at Sumner County’s hottest space and most complete offering menu for wellness and self-care.

The Movement Shop, originally opened in 2022, is celebrating their two-year anniversary in Gallatin by moving into a new location that has immensely allowed TMS to add to its total offerings. The newer, larger location goes hand in hand with the mission of The Movement Shop: to be the one-stop shop for all things movement in our area.

From wellness coaching and personal training, to their newly unveiled line of spa-like services, The Movement Shop helps to reduce stress levels, induce deep relaxation, hone in on mental focus and improve your mind and body.

One of the trendiest new offerings is their new float tank sessions. It helps with resetting the body from the chronic overstimulation we all face in our always-connected, notification-packed society.  A float session begins by entering a dark, heated tank of body-temperature water packed with medical-grade Epsom salts. The salt enables your body to float effortlessly on top of the water. You lose sense of all tactile sensations, sight and sound in the most relaxing way and you feel completely weightless. Your breathing slows, your anxiety decreases and your overstimulated mind begins to clear, allowing bursts of creativity to bubble to the surface. Your body begins to deeply relax, possibly for the first time ever. As the session ends, you notice the chronic tension has fled and your mood is elevated on the short drive home as you notice the birds chirping and the sun shining. You greet your spouse and kids enthusiastically as you walk in the door and later experience the best sleep of your life. The Movement Shop caters to Gallatin and all of Middle Tennessee, offering the best float tank available today. The state-of-the-art tank is one of the largest in the region and the only float tank experience in Sumner County. 

The Movement Shop also offers massage therapy with their spa-inspired services. Their seasoned therapists have experience with many types of massage techniques to help improve posture and body alignment, improve range of motion, soothe headaches, reduce inflammation and improve lymphatic flow to name just a few benefits. Many clients enjoy a massage followed by a float tank session for the ultimate relaxation benefit.

Another amazing component The Movement Shop has to offer is wellness coaching and personal training. Coach Shannon Slayton provides one-on-one sessions for everyone, from teenagers, to middle-aged adults and seniors.  She adores helping her clients identify stumbling blocks and make changes in their lives in order to feel their happiest and most confident versions of themselves. She is able to help clients work through issues with eating habits, poor sleep patterns and barriers to exercise, as well as hold them accountable for their own goals that they want to achieve. Coach Shannon also creates individualized personal training fitness plans to fit specific needs and works with other providers at TMS to make sure the plans work optimally for her clients with pain and mobility issues.

Hundreds of reviews continue to rave about the benefits they’ve received from incorporating The Movement Shops’ therapies into their own self-care regimens.  The Movement Shop has worked hard to bring to Sumner County services you’d typically have to drive to Nashville for. No one wants to go in for the most relaxing afternoon of their life only to have to fight bumper-to-bumper Nashville traffic back home. Explore the relaxing environment and growing community The Movement Shop has to offer right here in Gallatin! 

The Movement Shop
210 Baber Park Drive, Ste. 160, Gallatin

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