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Dane Giodano and Blair spend hours perfecting each artist's sound

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The Music Men of Midtown Memphis

Young Avenue Sound Recording Studio Can Do It All, For Anyone

Article by Kit Garrott

Photography by Sarah Bell, Sélavie Photography

Originally published in River City Lifestyle

The Cooper-Young area of Memphis is teeming with energy. From new construction to tried and true haunts, Midtown has a heartbeat you can feel. Young Avenue Sound, a world-class recording studio first active in 2001, lies just beyond the intersection of Cooper Street and Young Avenue. Since its inception, the studio has become the hub of creativity. Not only does the space offer state-of-the-art recording equipment and instruments, but they are also an AirBnb. Young Avenue Sound has two rooms and a kitchen for those who choose to experience all the studio offers.

Each team member is multi-faceted in their love of music and creation. Ryan Peele, drummer, producer and songwriting teacher, was born and raised in Memphis and in the music industry. “My first memory of being in the studio is going with my dad to a place called Sounds Unreel, and the head engineer gave me a toy of Ringo from the Beatles, so I thought it was the coolest place I’d ever been. That feeling has never changed,” Ryan recalls. His love for the creative process is evident in his open-minded approach. Whether recording drums for a new track or teaching songwriting at the Stax Museum Academy, Ryan’s passion for music is palpable and infectious.

The music scene in Memphis has a history that runs deep. The Young Avenue Sound team embodies the years of creativity in the River City and pushes for Memphis to remain at the forefront of the scene. Studio team member Blair Davis says, "Memphis is a hidden gem. So much talent here needs to be bolstered, and I’m inspired when I find those talented Memphians. My biggest inspiration is knowing there’s great art being made and you can be a part of it."

Young Avenue Sound has widened its recording reach to podcasting and creating original music with the engineering team. Dane Giordano, musician and producer, draws on the city’s energy when he creates. “What inspires me everywhere, especially in Memphis, are all the creative people I work with. I’m grateful to work with people with such a true love for music who always seek the best idea, no matter where, what or who it comes from.” While Memphis continues to inspire artists, many of these artists congregate at Young Avenue Sound for hours on end, searching for the sound they envision.

The Memphis studio is unique not only because of the two bedrooms on the first floor but because of the team that works day in and day out, motivated by a shared passion. Ryan details the uniqueness of Young Avenue Sound: “We can put out a product from start to finish just like they did in the old days with Stax, Sun Records and HI Records. We do everything from conceptualizing and creating a vision to recording, producing, lodging, visual media, music videos, management and beyond. We truly do it all, and I feel blessed to be a part of a team that allows me to create and collaborate freely!”

"We have always been an edgy studio met with equal professionalism. You feel at home here but know you’ll be getting a stellar product. We are family, and the family is growing!" - Blair Davis

  • Ryan Peele is at home behind a drum kit in the main studio
  • Dane Giodano and Blair spend hours perfecting each artist's sound
  • From the left: Ryan Pelle, Dane Giodano, Ethan Hunt and Blair Davis
  • The guys who make up the talented studio team leave a mark on all artists and guests who find themselves in Midtown.