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The Name Says It All

How Two Nashville Dads Became Influencers In The Bourbon World

If you think Dads Drinking Bourbon (DDB) is an exercise in parenting gone awry, you really need to subscribe to the popular podcast. It’ll make you #rethinkhowyoudrink. Yes, it’s an escape for the patriarch who’s not too far removed from those days when
responsibilities were more of an option than an obligation.
But it’s mostly an homage to the centuries-old tradition of bourbon as a facilitator of meaningful camaraderie and conversation that is unrivaled by other adult beverages. The show is, simultaneously, smart without being snooty, silly without being sordid. “Bourbon is about relationships,” says John Edwards who, along with Zeke Baker, is co-founder/creator/host of DDB. “I’ve had good whiskey but what I remember most are the people I was with, the laughs we had and the stories that were told.”

Their story is a great example. They met years ago when they were on the same kickball team and developed a bond over their common interest in bourbon. When fatherhood intervened, the days of kickball and nights out with the guys came to an end. Then one evening, while rocking his baby girl to sleep, Edwards discovered a world of bourbon on Instagram. He told Baker that they should start a blog.

“Zeke never wrote so that was short lived, but it got in front of bourbon people,” says Edwards. “So we started a show on Instagram live on Sundays at 9 p.m. after the kids went to bed. Just sipping bourbon while talking about our families, giving each other
parenting advice. Just some guy talk once a week.”

That was in 2016. It wasn’t long before followers requested a podcast and the first Dads Drinking Bourbon show dropped in 2017.
Now as the Dads close-in on 500 episodes and 70,000 followers, Dads Drinking Bourbon is an established brand in the universe of bourbon-focused podcasts.

“From the start we wanted to be honest so that our audience can trust what we say,” says Edwards. “Our show is for the consumer. There is nothing that separates us from any other bourbon fan other than we have microphones.”

Of course, what they do behind the mic sets them apart. They produce two weekly shows: a 30-minute review of a new release and about an hour-or-so guest interview. Shows begin with good-natured jabs and harmless insults, before the Dads delve into
the day’s topic. The Nashville-based duo (Edwards lives in Franklin) does not accept sponsorships from distilleries because doing so would compromise their integrity.

“We will tell you whether or not we like what we’re tasting,” says Edwards. “And it’s difficult for anyone to really be a bourbon ‘expert’ because everyone’s palate is different. I’m an expert on my palate. But what I enjoy might not be something Zeke likes.”

DDB has also provided the duo with a platform for giving back to their community. They’ve partnered with bourbon-based charities to donate more than $200,000 to causes like Drams ‘N Jams/Folds Of Honor Tennessee and St. Jude.

The podcast is available on all major platforms including Apple, Google Play, Spotify and iHeart Radio. Follow Dads Drinking Bourbon on Instagram @dadsdrinkingbourbon or at

“I’ve had good whiskey but what I remember most are the people I was with, the laughs we had and the stories that were told.”

  • John Edwards (L) and Zeke Baker (R)