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TDS Broadband Technician, Mason Chamberlain, is ready to start his day serving area customers

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The Need for Speed

Why 1Gig internet is the way to go

We’ve all experienced it—the dreaded internet lag—at the least convenient time. Whether it is an important video conference with a client or just a relaxing movie night with family or friends, the internet must not fail.

To deliver fail-safe internet speed, locally operated TDS Telecom is offering 1 gigabyte or 1Gig internet, which is equivalent to a download speed of 1,000 megabits per second. That’s fast!

“The best thing about 1Gig internet is no matter how many people in your home are using the internet at the same time, no matter how many devices are connected, and no matter what time it is, 1Gig should provide all the bandwidth your home needs,” says TDS Senior Manager of Product Management, Casey Thompson. “No more lagging connections or slow speeds because 1Gig is so much faster.”

Households with 1Gig are particularly pleased with how many more entertainment options they suddenly have available.

“1Gig provides the best online experience for streaming 4K movies and videos, gaming and downloading multiple large files simultaneously,” Casey continues.

“It really works wonders for families with multiple users at home. Because with 1Gig, there’s no more worrying about network issues while working and while the kids are on the Xbox or streaming their favorite movie. In other words, 1Gig gives you flexibility and peace of mind.”

1Gig is the future
The pandemic has taught us that reliable, high-speed internet is a necessity. With more people working from home and going to school online, many TDS customers have found faster speeds are necessary to download large office files, attend meetings or classes over video conferencing, and when accessing the large variety of platforms from work and school. 1Gig internet ensures everyone has ample bandwidth.

The evolution of 1Gig came about for residential and business customers after TDS invested more than $150 million in its Utah network. With 1Gig internet, Casey notes a two-hour, 4K movie will download in under a minute. “There’s no more dragging or lagging in video chats, and no spinning wheels while you wait to download videos, photos or files,” he assures.

With 1Gig, customers will also be prepared to meet emerging media demands, such as immersive media like virtual reality video games or telehealth appointments where you manage your clinical appointments via a virtual reality platform.

New-age, digital TV is available, too
For TV viewers, TDS also offers an integrated television option called TDS TV+ that brings together your live, recorded and streaming options all in one place. TDS TV+ is an intuitive and smart cloud-based digital video recorder or DVR. Customers can choose from three levels of DVR storage capacity and can record 10 shows simultaneously.

TDS aims to be your reliable choice for internet, all-digital TV services and crystal-clear phone options. To learn more about TDS services, call 844.848.9091 or go to

  • TDS Broadband Technician, Mason Chamberlain, is ready to start his day serving area customers
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