Kitchen and Bathroom Trends You Can Count On

Karen Berkemeyer Home Weighs In

Karen Berkemeyer always had an eye for spatial concepts, knowing both where and how things went together. She initially utilized that talent in the classroom as a high school math teacher. When (her own) two kids were added to the equation, she needed another outlet for her inspiration. So, for the last thirty years she’s put the same intuition to work in kitchens and bathrooms across Connecticut for her company Karen Berkemeyer Home (KBH) and frankly, everything since has fit together perfectly.

Thanks to decades of experience and a talented team, KBH was well positioned to handle the sudden spike in business during the pandemic.

Recent data from a Houzz and Home Study showed the amount of money people spent on home renovations in 2020 increased by 15% and numbers suggest an even bigger increase in 2021. The biggest area of focus is the kitchen, where consumers spend on average $40,000. Karen estimates her business grew 25% last year alone.

KBH is seeing a trend of simple home design. People want an escape from the complications of their lives over the last two-plus years. In the kitchen that means primarily two things: a versatile and beautiful island and a splash of color, think blue or green. How customers use that island is also evolving, from cooktops and sinks to multiple outlets and a space where kids can do homework, mom and dad can occasionally work or have the far-more-frequent-these-days glass of wine!

According to Karen, bathrooms have become homeowners “oasis where they can get away from everybody and relax.” Feature walls are in demand, typically in the master shower, and they’re doing more floating cabinets and large drawers which fit around the plumbing.

Karen and her team will take their designs on the road in-person and virtually. Many of their new clients are purchasing second homes and, fortunately, Zoom has widened the playing field for KBH who also has projects in Florida, Michigan, Colorado, Rhode Island, and Ohio.

No matter the location, KBH handles your project from start to finish. Though Karen still loves complicated geometry or algebra equations she prefers a very simple formula with her clients: ONE-STOP-SHOP service.

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