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Spectacularly personalized for your storage and wardrobe needs.

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The Newest in Men's Custom Clothing and Closets

Invest in looking your best and organizing your all-occasion wardrobe with style!

Whether you’re a businessman, pro athlete, retiree, golfer, or active on the social scene, the best option for looking your best may not come from off the rack. For clothing that precisely fits a man’s body—and lifestyle—consider a custom clothier. Then organize your wardrobe in a personalized closet that maximizes square footage and storage solutions from floor to ceiling.

J. Hilburn Custom Clothiers

Margot Sayre and Joyce Wells are personal stylists for men, specializing in custom clothing for casual, business, travel, and formal events. As founding partners of J. Hilburn Houston Stylist Studio, their goal is to make the experience of building a custom wardrobe as effortless as possible. Joyce and Margot’s unique business model is to meet at clients’ homes or offices and assist in determining what looks best, fits best, and works best for men in all stages of life. Evening appointments and some weekends are available.

“We personally measure for precision styling, or, if more convenient, we offer a downloadable measurement app for busy clients who live at the other end of town or in other states,” says Margot, who has been with J. Hilburn since 2007. “Some hard-to-fit men are long or short-waisted. Some have longer or shorter arms. Leave it to us to achieve an expert fit no matter the body type.”

They also offer Zoom meetings and consultations from their studio on Memorial Drive, offering 14 different custom clothing categories. From suits to sportcoats, tuxedos, custom knits, athleisure wear for golf and swimming, and more, the point is to develop an individual style that is striking yet comfortable and perfectly tailored.

“Men are very visual,” says Joyce, who has been with J. Hilburn since 2009. “We show our clients how to maximize suits and sportscoats, utilizing pieces in various ways, for instance, paired with trousers, shirts, and even custom jeans and rodeo shirts with pearl snap buttons.”

Clients also enjoy checking out the studio’s shirt bar, although the location is not a storefront or traditional retail venue. The sales are direct, meaning the cost of overhead isn’t passed to clients. This allows for competitive pricing and peace of mind, knowing that J. Hilburn clothing has a low carbon footprint. Most fabrics are Italian and sourced from mills that have been around since the 1500s. The company has won awards for its best practices and manufacturing facilities.

The Best Possible Closet Space

Why should a man have his closet professionally organized? According to Steve Reed of Classy Closets in the Woodlands, most have a desire for purpose and seek order in their lives. Clutter can cause chaos and stress, while a well-organized space clears the mind, improves time management, and allows greater focus on the truly important things.

“Very few people know where to start. An outside professional can see the forest among the trees, bringing fresh insight on ways to use space in an efficient manner,” says Steve. “At Classy Closets, we build floor-to-ceiling cabinets, drawers, shelves, and hanging systems that are custom designed for shoes, clothing, and accessories.”

He explains that when most young men first start out on their own, they are happy with enough space to hang their clothes with little thought to closet organization. Even later, some care more about their garage or media room. But as they mature and invest in a wardrobe, the space becomes more important, and a closet overhaul can be life-changing.

“We have built locking cabinets, hidden areas for small safes, and enclosed glass cabinetry to show off treasured clothing and accessories. But one design that I am particularly happy with was a framed mirror that was actually a hidden door leading to a panic room,” says Steve. “If you can dream it, we can probably do it.”

Just recently, Classy Closets turned a bedroom sitting area into a large open closet. It was an unconventional approach but turned out beautifully. “Try to imagine a very high-end clothing boutique with added shoe shelves to the ceiling. It was an amazing project,” says Steve. When asked if closet spaces can incorporate elements of a man cave, he answered, “We haven’t yet used a favorite college theme or installed a deer head, but we encourage our future customers to challenge us.” 

With 52 different colors of laminate 3/4 inch thick melamine material and well over 30 wood, paint, and stain options, there are nearly unlimited ways to apply skill and artistry to each design. Classy Closets is unique to the industry with these expansive selections.

Remodeling is never fun, but we strive to make it as stress-free as humanly possible,” Steve assures. A typical large walk-in closet takes two to three days to transform, and the team cleans as they go.”

Discover colors and styles that accentuate your body type and minimize flaws while learning more about confidential fittings and custom clothing options that are right for you and your lifestyle.

Closets are a home within a home for your wardrobe, accessories, and valuables.

“Very few people know where to start. An outside professional can see the forest among the trees.” ~ Steve Reed

  • Business casual! Navy aqua texture plaid jacket, light grey stretch cotton chino, grey stretch shirt & cognac leather backpack.
  • Time to play! Blue leaf jacquard jacket, white angel stretch shirt, and custom denim.
  • Ready to close the deal!  Light blue natural textured plaid jacket; lavender grey angel stretch shirt, light gray fancy casual pants; cognac leather briefcase.
  • Wedding day! Black Italian tuxedo, white fine pique formal shirt, satin bow tie, black velvet shoes.
  • Gala ready! Grey Italian tuxedo, charcoal solid shirt, navy bow tie, and velvet formal shoes.
  • Up your game! Performance stretch polo, performance 4-way stretch shorts, and navy woven custom belt.
  • Layering up! Navy tonal Flexo check suit, blue wool double zip knit, white Henley shirt, and white sneakers.
  • Suit flex! Indigo Flexo suit, lavender angel stretch shirt, and blue suede shoes.
  • Elevate your style! Navy with light blue gentle plaid suit, blue denim shirt, and navy suede drivers and belt.
  • Spectacularly personalized for your storage and wardrobe needs.
  • Custom closets for men, women, and children—organized with class and styled in dozens of wood tones.
  • Classy Closets works with various wood tones, paint options, and door treatments.
  • Consider incorporating a bench in your closet or personal space.
  • Making the most of floor-to-ceiling space with room to grow.
  • Turn empty space into functional comfort.
  • Top Gun blues! Multi-blue modern check jacket, navy stretch shirt, marine blue performance pants, and a blue suede belt.
  • Joyce Wells and Margot Sayre, personal stylists of J. Hilburn, input your measurements in their system and create a virtual closet for re-ordering with ease.
  • Margot Sayre and Joyce Wells, curators of bespoke men's attire.
  • Joyce Wells and Margot Sayre of J. Hilburn have been personal stylists since 2009 and 2007, respectively.