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The Next Generation of Leaders

St. Paul’s Lutheran School provides exceptional educational and extracurricular opportunities for students across Orange County.

Since 1908, St. Paul’s Lutheran School has provided exceptional educational and extracurricular opportunities for students across Orange County in a safe, secure environment set on a sprawling 10-acre campus.

As a fixture in the community for over 100 years and one of two Lutheran schools in the area to be awarded Blue Ribbon Honors by the U.S. Department of Education, St. Paul’s is a welcoming, academically rich institution in a modern setting that strives to maintain close ties to the neighborhood.

“Our programs and events are family-friendly and often open to the public,” says Julie Borburka, Director of Admissions. “The students at St. Paul’s are encouraged and nurtured to be disciples of Christ and servant leaders in their community. Through service hours and programs like the National Junior Honor Society, St. Paul’s is well represented as an organization supporting and serving locally and around Orange County,” she says.

The school is also under new leadership, with Principal Jackson Thiesfeldt taking the helm in July 2022.

“Our top-notch school provides educational value along with the community for our parents. We have infant care and early childhood programs, followed by elementary school all the way through 8th grade. Our graduates typically join high school honors programs at local public and private schools. Parents are supported in raising children socially, emotionally, and academically. Our school program includes extracurriculars in the arts and athletics.” shares Principal Thiesfeldt.

Historically speaking, the Lutheran religion has always been a strong proponent of education. “Lutheran churches tied themselves to education long ago. The goal of having a Lutheran school is to raise our children with a Biblical worldview and prepare them for service throughout their lives,” says our Principal.

St. Paul’s is a leader in the city of Orange and within the Lutheran community as a whole—a distinction the school wears as a badge of honor.  

“As one of the larger schools in the Lutheran system, it has taken on a role of leadership in school improvement and excellence,” says Principal Thiesfeldt, noting the consistent dedication of the faculty and staff to honing their craft.

“Our teachers are extremely family-focused as they build relationships through the home and into the classroom. Each student is valued and treated with individual care and concern.”

As for the future, St. Paul’s has plans for continued growth and expansion to be even better prepared to shape and develop the next generation of leaders.

“We have space and are ready to expand our footprint in the community. Our church was recently remodeled, and the brand-new sanctuary on the corner of Canal and Heim is a great place for families to gather in worship and connect,” says Julie.

“Our school campus is spacious and provides the best environment for student’s growth. The tuition rates are competitive compared to other local private schools, and financial assistance is available, as well as international enrollment opportunities. Enrollment is not exclusive, and we welcome students from all around Orange County.” shares our Principal Jackson Thiesfeldt.

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