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The Nutritionist Who Knows Good Eats

An integrative approach to food, exercise and wellbeing, as told by wellness expert Nathalie Rhone

Article by Ashley Alt

Photography by Elisabeth Bernstein & Dan Martensen

Originally published in Greenwich Lifestyle

Nathalie Rhone, Registered Dietician and Functional Medicine Nutritionist servicing Greenwich and New York City, acts as your ultimate nutrition and lifestyle coach — enlightening and empowering you on your journey to a healthier, happier life. Her philosophy follows a clean-eating, mostly plant-based lifestyle that is packed with organic, whole foods with BIG flavor.

Through her private nutrition practice, Nutrition by Nathalie, she uses various techniques under the wellness umbrella including exercise, supplements, food combining, meditation, stress reduction methods, and even cognitive behavioral therapy to create personalized plans for her clients. If you're looking to become your best self and learn how to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime, consider Nathalie your go-to.

ASHLEY: Tell me how you got started in the nutrition space. What drew you in?
NATHALIE: Healthy living has always been a passion of mine, and for the longest time I knew I wanted to work one-on-one with individuals in the health and wellness space doing some sort of therapy. After a few years of working in the psychology field, I realized I wanted to shift the focus of my practice from mental health to nutrition. Now, as a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition, I am able to incorporate my background in psychology into nutritional therapy and use a variety of tools to help clients make healthy changes that will last a lifetime.

ASHLEY: With your company, Nutrition by Nathalie, you help clients learn how to lead a clean, holistic lifestyle. Can you share some examples of what holistic nutrition looks like, as well as why eating clean is beneficial?
NATHALIE: Wellness is multi-dimensional and is much more than just the food we eat. While food is of course a large part of what makes us healthy, we have to look into many different areas of health and wellness, such as sleep, stress, movement, etc. If we are lacking in one of these areas, we will never be a healthy whole. So for me, holistic nutrition is an integrative approach that includes a diet filled with healthy, whole foods (including lots of plants), while also making sure to take care of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. In addition to taking a holistic approach at Nutrition by Nathalie, my colleague, Morgan Porpora, and I use functional nutrition, which takes things a step further and focuses on identifying and treating the unique root causes of our client's symptoms and health concerns.

And why is eating clean beneficial? Where should I start?! In today's world, we have such easy access to so many packaged and processed foods. And while they're convenient, they do not come close to providing the same amount of nutrients as healthy, whole foods. In addition, processed foods are often filled with fillers, additives, and chemicals — ingredients that can actually be harmful to our health. "Clean" eating isn't about being perfect (there’s no such thing), but it is about filling up on foods that our body can easily digest, absorb, and use for energy for optimal health and disease prevention.

ASHLEY: Your background in psychology must be helpful in relaying the importance of the mind-body connection when it comes to our relationship with food. What are some healthy habits we can adopt in this regard?

NATHALIE: There are a few things I prioritize every day no matter how busy I am. I have found these small habits are what keep me feeling my best and grounded. For example, I start every morning with hot lemon water, coffee and a green juice. This morning routine keeps me feeling
my best, alive and energized! I never let a day go by where I don’t load up on some sort of greens and veggies, I make an effort to move and open up my body every day, and I always find space in my day to slow down and spend time with family. It’s not the cake or pizza we eat once a week or the intense workout we fit in every once in a while that makes or breaks us, but it’s the small habits, the things we do every single day that make us healthy. Consistency is key! I encourage my clients to dig deep and figure out what it is for them that keeps them grounded and feeling their best, and then make it a priority to do those things every single day.

ASHLEY: Are there any golden nuggets of advice you can give us on how to
sustain a holistic way of cooking and eating?

NATHALIE: Less is more! Focus on simple, real, whole foods. Pack your plate and your body with tons of colorful plants, a variety of lean proteins, healthy fats and whole grains. Think about filling up as much as you can on the great stuff, and then it’s easier to slowly crowd out the “not so great stuff.”

It’s also helpful to plan ahead and make sure you have lots of fruits and veggies pre-cut, washed
and ready to use. Have a salad dressing ready to go, cook grains or proteins ahead of time for
quick and healthy meals. Stock your pantry and fridge with healthy and delicious options to set
yourself up for success. If you find yourself continuing to struggle with creating healthy nutrition
and lifestyle habits, I recommend working with a professional! The dietitians at Nutrition by
Nathalie can help you find that balance and create healthy habits that work for YOU.

ASHLEY: Now that Fall is well underway, what are your go-to dishes for the season?
NATHALIE: Oh, Fall produce is my absolute favorite! I love incorporating root vegetables into juices, roasting them for dinner, and creating all sorts of yummy Fall-inspired baked goods. Some of my favorite Fall recipes include my Vegan Pumpkin Bread, Kale, Spinach, and Warm Beet Tahini Salad, Warming Kale and Root Vegetable Soup, Oven Roasted Carrots, Roasted Butternut Squash with Herbs and Tahini Drizzle, and Pumpkin Pie Granola Bars. You can find all these recipes and more on my website!

To find out more about Nathalie and her nutrition company, please visit her website at, and her Instagram @allgoodeats.

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