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Rowing is a full-body exercise with low-impact and easy on the joints

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The Orange Zone

A Trifecta of Science, Coaching & Technology

So what would it take to motivate you to move off of the couch and into the workout zone? Like most people who wish to get in better shape or lose a few extra pounds, it comes down to visible results. And not just the physical changes but mental ones as well must be a part of that pitch to get you off the couch. Orangetheory’s one-hour full body workout that focuses on creating Endurance, Strength, and Power may be just the motivation you need.

The workout uses a person’s heart rate to maximize results. Members wear advanced heart rate monitors that show real-time results on large studio TVs. These readings allow professional, highly trained Fitness Coaches to monitor each individual and prevent them from over or under training.

Using the five-zone heart-rate based interval training with a focus on the Orange Zone, members can expect to burn anywhere from 500-1000 calories in a class no matter their fitness level. In addition, one will continue to burn calories for 36 hours after the initial workout.

“So our members can work out for only 3-4 hours a week, but will be burning calories 166 hours in the week,” says Eric Moerman.

Orangetheory Fitness uses a multi-point method to achieve maximum results.

First, a scientific approach is used to create a workout which metabolically charges the body. Next is integrating technology which enhances the workout. This is done with OTconnect™ interactive technology which delivers the person’s heart rate data and performance metrics in real-time. So from the moment one steps on a treadmill, their OTbeat™ wearable device will seamlessly connect projecting one’s stats right in front of them. The most inviting part of the Orangetheory Fitness experience is that each workout is tailored to the individual. This allows for each participant to not only experience a sense of unity with the trainers but to also feel that they are the primary focus during an incredible workout.

Orangetheory Fitness is a workout that becomes a lifestyle of health and fitness where members become a family regardless of where they are in their journey of fitness.

Join up with those who have found that orange actually is the happiest color and the orange zone is the place to be when the time comes to get off the couch.

Eric Moerman - Co-owner of South Tulsa location

"I started with OTF in 2012 in Phoenix, AZ and I have never looked back.  The amazing energy and atmosphere of our studios in Oklahoma is so addictive and it just makes you want to come back.  The workouts are backed by science so you know they are proven to work.  It's not just some trainer putting movements together like you see at some boot camps in those big box gyms.  Each day the classes are different so you never do the same class twice!!  For me, this is one of the most important aspects to OTF as I have been doing these workouts for years and I am always challenged in every single class and never get bored.” 

Nabilah Fountain - Co-owner of the South Tulsa location.

"I have been doing OTF for almost 7 years and in those 7 years, I have not found another workout that will ever match what OTF has done for me. As a 41-year-old mother of 3, my say the least, is hectic. I want to maintain an athletic physique without having to invest countless hours to do so. OTF has really been a game changer for me. The 1-hour workouts are truly designed to burn the candle at both lean muscle while burning fat. And the best thing about it for me, I can accomplish exactly what I want in 3 - 4 hours a week."

Ryan Smith - Co-owner of Midtown Tulsa location

 “Our goal is to give people a longer and more vibrant life through our trifecta of science, coaching, and technology. None of our competitors are able to offer the same results,” says Ryan Smith, Orangetheory Fitness Midtown Tulsa co-owner and Tulsa native. "We’re the first to use heart-rate monitors for a results-focused, personalized, scientific approach to interval training. And anyone, no matter their fitness level, will see amazing results.”

Orangetheory Fitness Bullet Points 

  • One of the top 10 fastest growing franchises in the world
  • Over 1,000 studios in 23 countries
  • 1-hour, full body workout
  • Heart-rate based interval training
  • Workouts are ALWAYS different
  • Offers a "Quit Free Guarantee”
  • Amy Smith (left) and Nabilah Fountain (right) demonstrate the various exercises with a weighted ball
  • Eric Moerman, Co-owner of Orangetheory Fitness South Tulsa
  • Left to right: Ryan Smith, Eric Moerman and Amy Smith take instruction from Nabilah Fountain on correct positioning for planks
  • Nabilah Fountain and Eric Moerman, Co-owners of Orangetheory Fitness South Tulsa demonstrate the correct use of a restriction band
  • Eric Moerman
  • Rowing is a full-body exercise with low-impact and easy on the joints
  • Nabilah Fountain works with Ryan Smith using free weights
  • Ryan Smith
  • Owners Ryan and Amy Smith of Orangetheory Fitness Midtown on Cherry Street