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Sharon, Teagan, and Richard Parham

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The Perfect Plant

The Potting Place will help you find your green thumb.

Teagan Parham, along with her parents, Richard and Sharon, has always loved plants. Yet it is house plants in particular that Teagan and her mobile plant shop, The Potting Place, make their specialty. As Teagan and her mother learned, houseplants require a different approach than what you might plant outside. For one, you don't need as much soil and then storing that leftover soil can be problematic. Finding a pot you like for your plant can be a process too. As a result, The Potting Place was born. They came up with a one-stop shopping experience in which they help you choose your plant, get the exact amount of soil, and then pot it in the planter of your choice. Just like that, you go home with the perfect plant and all that is left for you to do is find the ideal spot to place it in. An added bonus is that there is no mess in your house to clean up after. Lately, more people are looking to fill their homes with some added greenery, but it doesn't just bring a bit of nature indoors. Having house plants has been found to boost your mood, clean the air, and even aid in allergy relief. So whether you are buying for yourself or a gift for a friend, consider a catered, no-fuss experience to buying your next house plant.

  • Sharon, Teagan, and Richard Parham