The Perfect Retreat

Bringing inspiration to your Thanksgiving decor by sharing mine

Are you looking for ideas and inspiration to create your own Thanksgiving table and decorations this year?  Let me help you leave a lasting impression for your guests by taking a peek at what I created for my own family.

For me, gathering with friends and family in our home has brought on a different meaning after the last several years. I have been fruitfully aware of making my table décor and decorating for Thanksgiving a little more fuss-free and centering my thoughts around we have enough.  

Remember there really is no wrong way to decorate your table and home for Thanksgiving. It’s all about creating a festive place that transports your guests blissfully into the perfect place for a home-cooked meal while getting plenty of real face time with the ones they love.

Turn of the Romance

Using dried perennials and grasses from my own garden, I created a tablescape of a fall harvest feel and mixed it up with an array of containers, and ribbons. Then I added some fruits, vegetables, mini gourds & pumpkins with a sprinkling of fresh flowers to enhance the coloring. I wanted a textural, harvest-inspired tablescape.

Less can be More

Don’t be afraid to use a neutral tablecloth. I think I own more shades of white tablecloths than I would like to admit. I think of it like a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless, and a spill is always easy to clean up with a neutral-colored tablecloth.

Pies are Perfection

I am a baker and I love using my desserts as an added depth to any table during the holidays as a general rule. Dessert is always the center of attention in our family, so why not add it to the tablescape? I believe baking is an art and why not let it be front and center? Don't let it get stuck on a counter only to make an appearance once it’s been cut up and served on plates. Besides who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly cooked rustic apple tartlet? It always warms my heart and gives me all the fuzzy feels and comforts of a happy home.

Things get busy

You will blink and Thanksgiving will be here. Don't stress, your guests are just happy to have someone wanting to host them. If you don't have the perfect plate, napkin or fork, I promise it will still come together. Being the host is about giving yourself the grace that not everything has to be perfect. Most of the time you are the only one that notices. Breathe, you got this! 

Very personally this year, it is all about “Easy Elegance” and creating the perfect retreat for my guests to enjoy time together. I want them feeling blessed, grateful, and thankful for having another year together.  It really comes down to just being ALL TOGETHER and wanting to pass down to my children and future generations that we will always have enough to create beautiful memories no matter the occasion.

A beautiful table with all the goodies gives you even more reasons for you and your guests to be in a celebratory mood. 

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