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The Philanthropy Behind the Furniture

Sara Sells

Article by Kellie Walton Benz

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

In 2017, Sara Young tapped into a passion she’d held since childhood, and nearly six years later, she’s behind a monthly event that is redefining the furniture shopping experience.

“The aesthetics, the home decor, the beautiful side of what we do has been a passion of mine since I was young,” Sara shares. “I rearranged my room all the time and wanted things to look nice. As I got older, I was a single mom, and even though I didn’t have the resources at the time to buy those nice pieces, I would still find them secondhand.”

Sara began selling overstocks and closeout pieces at a small markup out of her garage, soon realizing there was a market for the everyday consumer looking for high-quality pieces at a reasonable price. After successfully operating at home for two years, Sara expanded Sara Sells to a warehouse model, beginning with a flagship location in College Grove, Tennessee.

With a curated collection of items up to 60 percent less than traditional retail pricing, the Sara Sells warehouse – which has now expanded to additional locations in Memphis and Birmingham – hosts a shopping event open to the public once a month. “For a customer coming out, they can expect a high energy furniture shopping experience where people start lining up pretty early, especially in Nashville.” Sara adds, “It’s an exciting monthly event where they can shop and take everything home that day!” Sara Sells also offers local delivery and alternate pick-up days.

To add to the excitement of customers' impending shopping spree, Sara Sells hosts coffee and food vendors onsite before doors open and during the event. On any given month, up to 1,500 shoppers come through the warehouse.

While the affordable price point on furniture that’s just hitting the market is the primary reason for Sara Sells’ success, Sara and her team remain committed to giving back to their communities. “We feel so fortunate to be a part of these communities and feel it’s our responsibility to give back and show support where possible,” she adds.

Forging long-term partnerships with groups like Mercy Multiplied, a non-profit residential program for women ages 13 to 32, Narrow Gate, a similar organization tailored toward young men, and foster care outreach through The Village, Sara Sells contributes monthly monetary donations, regularly employs program participants and provides furniture and resources whenever needed. “It’s the heart of our business to give back. We strive to operate with open hands and help meet the needs of the communities we’re in,” Sara shares. “It’s such a big part of what we do.”

With philanthropy always at the core, Sara Sells looks toward the future in an effort to continue helping consumers find affordable, beautiful pieces and giving back to the community wherever possible. Moving from her garage to 30,000 square-foot warehouses in three cities in just six years, it’s no wonder expansion is looming. “Growth is always on the horizon,” Sara teases. “We are currently scouting our fourth location and will be launching our Trade Program within the next few months.” The Trade Program will better support designers, builders and other professionals in the space by offering easier access and more opportunities to procure pieces beyond the monthly warehouse sale.

To stay up-to-date on this and other exciting announcements to come, including the sale dates, times and future locations, keep up with Sara Sells on Instagram (@sarasells) and online at

  • L to R: Chandler Stephens, Warehouse Manager, Sara Young, Alexis Opperman, Nashville Director, Ashley Metkler, Showroom Manager
  • Sara Young