The Plimoth

Rock Solid Food

"We didn't land on Plymouth rock......." Wrong Plymouth!  This is THE PLIMOTH! In the heart of Denver, The Plimoth restaurant stands as a culinary haven shaped by the remarkable journey of Chef Pete. Born and bred amidst the sizzle of kitchens on both the East and West coasts, Chef Pete's culinary odyssey reached its zenith when he made Denver his home in 1999. His immersion into the culinary arts began under the tutelage of Chef Michael Comstedt, a distinguished expert holding the titles CEC, CCE, at the Cook Street School of Culinary Arts.

Chef Pete's gastronomic prowess garnered attention and accolades, earning him a nomination for Rising Chef of the Year from Denver Magazine during his stint at Z Cuisine. Yet, his impact extended beyond individual accolades. As the Executive Chef Instructor at Cook Street School of Culinary Arts, he became an influential force, shaping the culinary narrative of Denver and nurturing the talents of aspiring chefs and culinary entrepreneurs.

Drawing inspiration from his globetrotting adventures, Chef Pete's approach to classical French dishes at The Plimoth is a modern yet casual celebration of diverse flavors. The menu, ever-evolving, mirrors his dedication to freshness and innovation. The restaurant is not merely a place to dine; it's an experience crafted by a chef with a global perspective, one who believes in the transformative power of food.

At The Plimoth, diners are invited to embark on a culinary journey with each visit. The sample menu serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the current offerings, promising a symphony of fresh ingredients and captivating specials. The Plimoth beckons patrons to savor the excitement of a changing menu, always anticipating the revelation of Chef Pete's latest culinary masterpiece. Here, the love for food is not just shared; it's savored, celebrated, and woven into the very fabric of this culinary haven.

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