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The Power Couple of Power Washing

Meet Sean and Sean

Sean Patrick and Sean Victoria O’Callaghan share the same first name as well as a passion for entrepreneurship. Owners and operators of Flawless Finish Power Washing, this couple stumbled upon the business opportunity as a result of Sean Patrick’s occasional work with a local power washing company. The owner was ready to step away from the business, and Sean decided to buy some of his equipment and begin running it himself.

Sean Victoria had returned to school for her degree; however, after graduation, the business took off so quickly that she decided to start helping her husband run it. “We were growing—buying trucks, trailers, equipment, and hiring our first employees,” says Sean Patrick. “It was consuming all of my time, so my wife joined me in the business. Now we run two crews with two large trailer set-ups.”

The couple met while attending high school in Westwood and now serve their hometown and the entire Pascack Valley with power washing services.

“Power washing is a misunderstood industry,” says Sean Patrick. “Everyone pictures a little beat-up truck and a power washer that blasts high-pressure spray, damaging surfaces. That’s not the way we work!”

He explains that pressure itself does not clean anything; rather, it’s the technology, products, solutions, and detergents applied that get the job done. “The detergents do the work. We can specifically dial pressure up and down and adjust equipment to appropriate settings for each surface. The settings for vinyl siding will differ from those for a stucco house.”

Thus, Sean Patrick doesn’t provide estimates over the phone. Factors such as building material, landscaping, and siding type must be considered in the calculation. If there are any existing leaks in the house, window cracks, or faulty outdoor electrical outlets, Sean and his crew must consider those conditions to properly prepare for the job.

“Our process is state-of-the-art,” he says. “All equipment is mounted on trailers so that it’s not dragged through your yard, damaging property. We can control the machine remotely to apply soap, solutions, and rinsing wherever we are on the property. The equipment is designed to do the job efficiently and safely.”

Roofs require special attention. The couple has had calls from property owners who have been denied homeowner insurance coverage due to algae or moss growth on the roof of their home. Moss growth can eventually lift the shingles and damage the shingles. Local insurance firms are now referring Flawless Finish to homeowners to remedy the issue safely and effectively.

Keep in mind, homes are not the only application for power washing--almost any outdoor item can be cleaned. The list includes houses, decks, sheds, kids’ outdoor toys, basketball courts, and trampolines.

Flawless Finish also provides paver restoration services. Sean’s crew will remove crooked pavers, clear obstructions beneath them, wash them, and then relevel, seal, and install them.

They’ve been called in for some unusual jobs, including power washing a grave marker. They were also called to wash large chunks of wood that were part of an art installation to be erected in Saudi Arabia. “We removed mold, etching, and rust debris—we had to be extremely delicate with them. Then, we dried and shrink-wrapped them for shipping,” says Sean Patrick.

Sean was also called to power wash the interior of a home that was undergoing a renovation. “The prior residents smoked in the home for over 40 years. The walls were brown! They didn’t have plans to fully gut the house and wanted to power wash it. In the end it looked like we had repainted the place, and it smelled fresh.”

As longtime residents of Westwood, most of their business comes from referrals, and Sean and Sean value traditional customer service and straightforward, transparent communication. “We always do our best to make our customers happy,” says Sean Victoria.

The couple values their hometown and supports local initiatives like Celebrate Westwood and BIZhub, as well as local law enforcement, fire departments, and recreational sports teams. “We even power washed the firehouse. I was happy to be able to do it for them as a thank you for all the time they volunteer. It’s done right and it looks good,” says Sean Patrick.

“We also cleaned up the gazebo in the center of town,” he says. “Because I grew up here and have been in business for 14 years, I feel like I literally know everyone. So I have to do a great job!”

“Power washing is a misunderstood industry. Everyone pictures a little beat-up truck and a power washer that blasts high-pressure spray, damaging surfaces. That’s not the way we work!”

“Because I grew up here and have been in business for 14 years, I feel like I literally know everyone. So I have to do a great job!"

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