Plant-Powered Love

Spice Up Your Love Life With These Herbs!

Finding true love is one of the most important goals in almost every person’s life. If you are looking for a new romantic partner or would like to attract love and romance into your world, herbs can be a fun and interesting part of romance. You might already have quite a few of these items in your pantry or garden! 

These herb associations are often based on folklore rather than scientific evidence, stemming from cultural traditions and personal beliefs. You can incorporate these herbs into meals but approach it with an open mind and a sense of personal meaning. 

Rose Petals: In Ayurveda, the rose is associated with romance. Practioners believe the flower can sooth the heart and harmonize the mind. Rose benefits include nervous system support, as well as sedative qualities. The smell of roses can make your senses swoon! You can dry them, crush them, and use them in stuffings, stews, or garnishes.

Cocoa: Cacao ceremonies date back centuries in South America and are used to soothe the heart space and deepen your senses. Cocoa and chocolate are also known to be wonderful for grounding and stabilizing emotions. 

Chai Spices: Ginger, clove, turmeric, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg are Indian Ayurvedic warmers that help promote circulation and metabolic function in the body. When made as tea or added to salads and curries, the warming energy of these chai spices stimulates the senses and instigates passion. 

Maca: Known as Peruvian ginseng, maca is a powerhouse of vitality. This root vegetable (not a spice or herb, but close) is known to manage hormonal imbalances and increase testosterone or estrogen levels. 

Rosemary: Being a perennial and evergreen plant, it is a good omen whenever you start a business or a relationship, ensuring its long life.

Marjoram: A vibrant and aromatic herb that is related to oregano, this herb has many benefits for the body and is known as a symbol of familial love.

Lavender: Dab a drop of lavender essential oil directly on your wrists or run it through your hair to enjoy the soothing aroma.

Dill Seeds: Ancients believed dill seeds would protect you from harm.

Always go for organic and wild-crafted herbs, as they are not chemically processed and retain their full healing benefits. Our favorite providers are Starwest Botanicals.

Sybil is our food and drink editor. She is a trained Cordon Bleu chef. Learn more about her gourmet meals-to-go here: atsybilskitchen.com"

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