How Personal Trainer Abu Shabazz Helps Create the Best Version of Yourself

Embrace the Power of Possibility

Value is what motivates Abu Shabazz to wake every day at 4 a.m. before the sun is up, begin morning prayers of gratitude and start training others at the gym around 5 a.m.

Abu is a Certified Personal Trainer at Laser Sharp Fitness.  On any given day he trains between 8-10 people starting early in the morning. Abu says he trains people from all walks of life from those seeking weight loss or just wanting to get in shape, to athletes and competitors.

Abu says, “I'm motivated by value. I want to make sure that there is value in what I do and who I am as a person. Having value is what motivates me to learn more about my craft and give people the best of who I am. Value gives birth to trust and in my profession trust is important; after all, people are entrusting you with their mind and body in hopes that the results will show like you told them it would.”

As a young adult, Abu was a boxer and a Golden Glove winner. Now he uses that expertise and passion to help other people achieve their fitness goals. He says, “It is truly a gratifying feeling to help a person accomplish something that they have wanted to accomplish but didn't know how or perhaps didn't think was something they could even accomplish.”

To help his clients reach their potential, Abu focuses on empathizing with them. He says understanding their needs better helps him to focus on attaining their goals. Teaching others to see the “possibility of things” is one of the reasons he wanted to become a personal trainer. 

Abu got his start by joining a gym and training himself in hopes that others would see his progress and become inspired. It worked, and the manager approached him to begin working as a trainer. He says another reason he wanted to become a trainer is to make a difference and show people that “Our goals are all dependent on how we view things. Getting fit holds the same concept.” 

After training others all day long, Abu picks his son and daughter up from school and daycare, takes college courses two days a week, and several times a week trains himself in hour-long sessions. 

His drive to help others see what is possible for themselves keeps him going. He says, "If you look at a person as they are, they only become worse, but if you look at them as what they could be, they will become what they should be."

Weight Loss Tips

  • Consistency is the key  

  • " Inch by inch—everything can be a cinch"

  •  You have to stick with it

  • Everything has a season

  • You have to have a "why factor” that is greater than any craving that you think you have

Healthy Eating

  • Find a healthy food plan that works for your lifestyle because if you are not able to stick to it, it definitely will not work 

  • Learn the kind of eater you are

Are you a grazer, an emotional eater, a stress eater, an I-forget-to-eat person?

Find this out, then make the necessary adjustments to construct a healthy food plan that fits your life. 

And remember—you don't have to be good at it to get started, but you do have to get started to get good at it!

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