The Profound Power of Breathing

BreatheFit focuses on optimal health through proper breathing techniques.

Article by Memorial Lifestyle Staff

Photography by Mel Arenas

Originally published in Memorial Lifestyle

Located in Houston's Memorial area, BreatheFit focuses on something we tend not to think about until it is too late – our breathing. Business partners Mel Arenas, Harry Stafford, and Ciro Villarreal, who have a combined 30 years of experience in fitness, wellness, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, noticed not enough attention was paid to respiratory health and performance. This realization led to BreatheFit, the only fitness and wellness program in Houston that focuses solely on breathing mechanics.

The winter season brings an increase in people suffering from respiratory issues like pneumonia, the flu, or COVID-19. BreatheFit shares its three most popular programs to help clients suffering from health issues or looking to improve their overall wellness.


BreatheFit helps clients utilize proper ventilation to optimize their breathing performance.  Performance Breathing programs help clients optimize their performance thresholds while increasing stamina and endurance.


Customized programs assist clients in achieving their fitness and wellness goals. BreatheFit helps clients with weight management, body sculpting, core training, and overall conditioning.


In reaction to COVID-19, BreatheFit designed programs to help clients restore their ability to breathe and increase lung function. BreatheFit works with clients to correct the inability to move air and dramatically expand lung volume.

Our ideal client is anyone with symptoms of shortness of breath, physical deconditioning, or someone seeking performance breathing to reach desired personal and performance goals.

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