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Rebranding Rachel Bradshaw

Singer-Songwriter, Actress, Writer: This Energetic Texan Is Creating A Personal Empire Sprinkled With Nashville Influences

Rachel Bradshaw is no stranger to the spotlight, nor does she avoid it. The daughter of NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw grew up on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas, before embarking on a successful music career in Nashville. Today, she stars in the hit reality TV series ”The Bradshaw Bunch” on E! Network, alongside her dad, stepmom and two sisters.

While Rachel finds herself under a brighter spotlight today, that’s not what motivates this 34-year-old, multi-talented Texan. 

“I’m confident in my own skin, and that’s a trait I get from my dad,” Rachel confidently explains. 

Terry’s musical interest and singing with his daughter helped lay groundwork for Rachel’s music career. “Dad and I always sang 'Crazy' together, and he encouraged me to play and sing.”

Fans of the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback may recall the elder Bradshaw recorded several country and gospel albums, including “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” in 1976. 

Rachel enrolled at Belmont University in 2002, initially studying music before focusing on business. Her 16-year stint in Nashville delivered much success. Soon after settling in Music City, Rachel signed her first publishing contract. Writing songs and hanging out with friends also set the stage for future endeavors.

“My first group of Nashville friends included Jamey Johnson, Jerrod Niemann, Randy Houser, Dallas Davidson and other aspiring writers,” says Rachel. “I surrounded myself with people who had big dreams. We'd always go to Tin Roof because that’s where dreams are made.”

She co-wrote the No. 1 hit, “What Do You Want,” with Jerrod in 2010 and played his girlfriend in the video. However, she also encountered a few potholes along the way. 

In 2014, her fairy-tale marriage to Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas ended three months later when he died in an automobile accident. 

Rob’s untimely passing broke Rachel’s heart but not her spirit. She regained her focus and continued writing and recording songs, including a stint in 2015 with the trio, Stella James. In 2020, Rachel released three singles, including “Wild Horse.” Both her triumphs and tragedies melded together to create a strong, determined woman. 

Moving From Stage To Screen

The Bradshaw family’s foray into reality TV began in 2016 when Terry starred in “Better Late Than Never” with fellow celebrities. However, the family’s 2020 appearance on the TV game show “Family Feud” got executives thinking about showcasing their antics in their own reality show.

Initially, Rachel liked the idea of her family filming a TV series together. Then she thought about having to relive her most challenging personal moments.

“I don’t think people realize what all goes into filming a reality show,” explains Rachel. “You’re really putting your life out there, especially when you discuss intimate issues.”

The difference between performing music before live audiences and filming a TV series is night and day to Rachel. “Everyone knows you’ve got to have thick skin to perform. The difference is when you’re playing music on stage, you can instantly relate to the crowd because you’re in the flesh with the audience. When filming TV episodes, it’s just you and the crew. You have to wait months to find out how fans and the media feel about the show."

When Terry sat down with the family to discuss the opportunity, he got straight to the point. “We’re really putting ourselves on the chopping block by putting our lives out there,” Rachel recalls.

In 2020, the inaugural season of “The Bradshaw Bunch” launched with success. It took six months to film 10 episodes. Season two took about four months and will debut Oct. 6. 

Rachel’s Style

Describing Rachel’s personal style is similar to herding wild mustangs. “I’m all over the place. I’ll dress like a Southern girl one day. Another day I’ll branch out into something more high fashion. I love sleek looks -- the classic look. The bottom line is I stick with what looks good on me.”

Almost everything looks great on Rachel, yet her affinity for blazers sets her apart. “I’m a blazer girl, and I probably wear them five days a week. It’s my go-to signature look. Someday I hope to introduce my own blazer line.”

Rachel praises the fashion differences between her sister Erin and step-sister Lacey.

“I’m the loud, high-end sister,” notes Rachel. “I love walking into a room and kind of owning it, and my style reflects that whether I’m going to the gym or visiting my favorite Nashville restaurants.”

“Lacey is sporty and is effortlessly beautiful. She can easily rock the no-makeup look. Erin is more high-fashion and Southern, yet a little more reserved. But when she gets in a mood, she becomes the life of the party.” 

Do Rachel or her sisters offer fashion advice to their Hall of Fame dad?

“Oh my gosh, we try to get him outside of his fashion box, but Dad beats to his own drum. He loves his Tommy Bahama shirts, shorts, conductor cap and tennis shoes. I seriously doubt he’ll make any celebrity style list," Rachel laughs.

Music City Favs And Future Plans

When Rachel pops in to visit friends and write songs, there’s a chance you’ll spot her at one of several trendy spots in the Nashville area. She and her dad, Terry, had a delightful time posing for these photos at the gorgeous Perry's Steakhouse & Grille in Cool Springs, certain to be a new hangout for Rachel and her entertainment friends.

"Adele's is one of my favorites. The bacon with cotton candy at Kayne Prime is amazing. I also like the Marsh House in the Thompson Hotel for its vibe and seafood. And I love the original Puckett's in Leiper's Fork for the small-town ambiance and yummy barbecue. It feels like you're in paradise."

Music's played an enormous part in Rachel's life, but she’s no longer placing her eggs in one basket. "I just want to release music for fun these days. That takes the pressure off of having to live in Nashville full-time."

Now a brand ambassador for Hot Works, her next steps include writing a memoir and possibly introducing a perfume line. “I’ve always wanted to write a tell-all intertwined with personal advice. I’ve seen triumph and tragedy and I want to impact the lives of others.”