The Recovery Formula by PRH

Your Medicine Cabinet should look like this.

We know you like to keep things simple and get the most out of each season. If handfuls of pills or mystery green powders in your smoothioees are not your thing then the Recovery Formula is your solution. Recovery can take many forms, and, to your body it’s the same message: Help me rebuild so my body feels it’s best quickly. This formula helps you improve energy, strengthen from the inside out, power up and stay that way. 

Originally launched for those struggling to fully recover from Covid and reporting symptoms of lingering fatigue and reduced physical performance and stamina. Recovery ended up becoming one of the most re-ordered formulas in our line because this town lives for working hard and playing even harder. Recovery can be finally getting over that lingering cold, really getting after that trail run, unwinding from the stress of an intense work deadline or the disruption of long distance travel. 

What set’s this energy booster apart is that it is not a stimulant so there is absolutely no crash. In fact, just the opposite; The Recovery Formula works to tonify and nourish your brain and body so you are actually building long term strength that outlasts the bottle you receive it in. And because everyday is different you can actually dose yourself.  Sometimes you need a little and sometimes you need a lot - whatever your needs The Recovery has your back so you wake up with a clear mind ready to take it all on. 

The Recovery Formula is streamlined for power so you can do what you do best - get after it. Packed with herbs to strengthen your body and expedite recovery - Add it to your coffee, mix it in a little water and shoot it down. 

Your body will thank you. 

Order online at www.prhlive.com

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