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The Red Clay Strays

There's no Wondering Why we love them

There's something about the Alabama red clay mud. Once it stains your shoes, it never comes out. The same is true for Alabama natives emerging as the Red Clay Strays. Captivating audiences and making waves in the music industry, with their unique blend of Country, Rock, and Americana, they are capturing the hearts of fans around the world. Through their lyrics, rocking melodies, and electrifying performances, they are changing lives one song at a time. 

Formed in 2017, the Red Clay Strays have been steadily gaining recognition for their raw talent and authentic sound. Comprised of Brandon Coleman (lead vocals, keys, guitar) Drew Nix (guitar, harmonica, vocals) Zach Rishel (lead guitar,) Andrew Bishop (bass,) and John Hall (drums,) the band brings a dynamic energy and undeniable chemistry to the stage. 

Their ability to create music that resonates with people on a deep level sets them worlds apart. Their lyrics are honest, reflective, and relatable, touching on love, loss, and the ups and downs of life. Each song tells a story, drawing listeners in and creating a powerful connection. 

One of their most popular songs, "Good Godly Woman," showcases the band's ability to blend country and rock influences seamlessly. With its infectious melody and lyrics, the song has struck a chord with fans, becoming an anthem for those who appreciate the strength and resilience of the women in their lives. 

Another standout track, "Wondering Why" displays the Red Clay Strays' versatility and musical prowess. Written about wondering why the woman of your dreams loves you as much as she does. The answer is simple. Love. Sweet Love. The song has gained fame and recognition going viral across social media platforms, becoming number one on the Spotify Viral 50 in the USA for multiple weeks in a row and hitting number three on Spotify’s Global Viral Top 50. It is currently their leading track. 

The band's live performances are an experience like no other. Bringing an energy and passion to the stage that is infectious, and creates an intimate connection with their audience. Whether they're playing in a small venue or a large festival, they have a way of making every listener feel like they're part of something special and unique. Perhaps coming as a stranger to an initial show and leaving as a friend. 

Beyond their music, the Red Clay Strays are also dedicated to giving back to their community and making a positive impact in the world. Involved in various charitable initiatives, using their platform to raise awareness and funds for causes they believe in, and sharing their love for Jesus along the way. Their commitment to making a difference is just one example of their genuine and down-to-earth nature. 

While their rise to fame has been steady, the Red Clay Strays have not forgotten their roots. Remaining humble, grounded, and appreciative of their fan's support, their genuine connection with their audience is what sets them apart from other emerging bands. They understand the power of music to heal, inspire, and bring people together, and they use this understanding to craft songs that touch the hearts of listeners. 

As the Red Clay Strays continue to gain recognition and expand their fan base, there is no doubt that they will continue to rock the music industry and stay true to their calling of creating ultra-rich and phenomenal songs. Their first major headlining tour, the Way Too Long Tour kicked off in September 2023, selling out many of the venues upon release with additional tour dates set for 2024. 

These hometown sweethearts are a rising force, creating a movement in the Deep South. Poised for even greater success, there is no “wondering why”  this talented band is staining our hearts and shoes. 

For a listing of tour dates, tickets, and more information fans can visit their website:

Born and bred in the red dirt clay of south Alabama they are rocking the world.