The romance of wine

Let Roots and Water help you select the perfect wine for Valentines and beyond

The allure of wine dates back to ancient Greece and Rome when it was central to social gatherings and romantic celebrations. Wine has long been associated with love and romance, poetry, music and sipping a glass with friends, loved ones or someone dear to the heart.

The Renaissance era often featured wine in paintings, literature, poems and romantic depictions. In the Middle Ages, wine became associated with the feast of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of love, good luck and happiness. It’s no wonder wine is so popular today and is associated with sharing, caring and savoring.

Wine pairs nicely with different types of foods – from steak and seafood to cheese, desserts and different regional cuisines - depending on whether you’re choosing sparkling, red, white or rosé. It also pairs well for Valentine’s Day with flowers, chocolates and meaningful gifts.

If you’re considering a perfect wine for February, or for a special Valentine’s celebration, Roots and Water Southlake is the place to shop. Of course, a fabulous glass of wine can be enjoyed at any time throughout the year, for special occasions or just for a rich experience of enjoyment and relaxation.

Roots and Water offers carefully curated, premium wines from around the world for people who love wine and for those who want to learn more about wine … or find expert sommelier assistance to meet your taste and occasion. People’s preferences in wine often relate to the sensory perceptions like aroma, color, texture and taste. Roots and Water has an excellent selection of both premium and well-priced wines from around the world to choose from.

This February – for your Valentine’s celebration, parties, events or just sipping something great – let Blake Maso, Roots and Water’s resident expert, offer you some great ideas and pairing suggestions. Blake has worked in the wine industry for 10 years, with a heavy emphasis on importing and distributing the best vintages from Europe, including Bordeaux, Tuscany and Burgundy. Throughout his travels and tastings, he’s gained a wealth of knowledge about winemaking, viticulture, the history and diversity of different wine regions.

Stop by Roots and Water today to start your wine journey with Blake!

Famous quotes on wine:

“Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures” - British wine critic Michael Broadbent.

“You only live once, so drink great wine” - Anonymous.

“Wine is bottled poetry” - novelist and poet Robert Louis Stevenson.

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