The 'Secret Sauce'

TreCeuticals Skincare Blends Active Ingredients With CBD for Science Meets Nature Skincare

One day, Sharon Skaar and Erin Dodd were chatting about skincare—which they liked, and which they didn’t.

“So many promised results they didn’t deliver, or they had 15 steps you had to go through,” Skaar says. “We started talking about what we wanted in skincare, and then really took the conversation a step further.”

Wanting products that truly worked and were easy to use, they got to work.

Fast-forward to May 2020, and Skaar and Dodd’s skincare line, TreCeuticals, was launched.

The pair worked closely with chemists to create the patent-pending, good-for-all-skin-types products. Responsibly sourced, nontoxic, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free, the line takes clinically proven ingredients such as retinol and alpha hydroxy acids, and adds what they call their "secret sauce"—full spectrum CBD oil.

“CBD is natural, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant,” Skaar explains. “It’s calming and soothing. Because of its calming properties, it lets us use higher levels of the active ingredients, without causing irritation.”

The line, which donates a portion of its sales to local nonprofit Fresh Start Foundation, already gained a strong following. TreCeuticals.com

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