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Open Invitation to The Showbread Table

Sam and Ana Nunez Bring Hope and Healing to People From All Walks of Life

Article by Arliss Veldhuizen

Photography by Empire Photography

Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

COVID-19 has disrupted many of our lives. Canceled plans, isolation, the loss of loved ones, altered daily life—we’re in a time in which the opportunity for depression and anxiety abound, and with these, the resurfacing of deeper wounds that we’ve left unattended. If ever there was a time to seek healing for past and present hurt, it’s now. That’s just what The Showbread Table is for.

When Sam and Ana Nunez met, they quickly discovered that they were both equally discontented with secular living and both eager but unsure of how to dive into the Christian life. So, they linked arms and dove in together.

After 14 years of marriage, they were well into their new lives as Christians but grieved by the remaining brokenness that they believed should’ve been banished on the day they’d said “I do.”

“When you get married, sometimes there's this fallacy…that when you say ‘I do,’ everything you’ve done up to that point just kind of ends and…you don't carry that into your marriage,” Sam shared. And once they realized this was indeed untrue, they began to seek the inner healing they still needed. Not long after came the desire to help others do the same.

“Our brokenness is really what the Showbread Table was birthed out of. We began to have a deep passion to see others get set free,” Ana explained.

This is what they’re all about.

A non-profit organization new to Frederick, The Showbread Table is a place where people can come to seek inner healing and restoration from their abiding wounds—for free. Anyone is welcome to the Table, whether Christian or agnostic, single or married. They offer different experiences called “Tables” to best match your situation, during which you enjoy good food (or drink), good company and share your story.

Yep. That’s all you have to do: share your story.

Ana and Sam are not clinical counselors, but with a genuine love for people, they believe in the power of connection through the sharing of our stories and the power of God’s presence. This is what they rely on to help people towards healing.

“The Showbread Table is the formal launch of the ministry that God put inside of Ana and myself. We’ve been doing ministry like this for a long time,” Sam shared. “We just want to be a resource…to anyone who’s looking for a safe and intimate setting in order to experience the presence of God.”

So, looking for a place where you’re invited to be heard and experience healing? There is an open invitation at The Showbread Table.