The Sky's the Limit at Denver Restorative Dentistry!

Denver Restorative Dentistry offers the glamour of cosmetic dentistry, backed by the science of restorative dentistry

Not many people associate dental offices with glamour, design, and options—but to the patients of Denver Restorative Dentistry (DRD), the specialty office may seem more like a posh architecture firm; but instead of luxury estates, the doctors design your smile.

Meet your local prosthodontists, Dr. Taylor Goggins and Dr. Brain Aguirre, Dr. Anna Pitz, and Dr. Ralf Poineal.

Prosthodontists are experts in the restoration of damaged or missing teeth, and the field is considered one of the nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association.

But the prosthodontists of DRD don’t stop at restoring functionality to a smile, a prosthodontist's job is to also enhance the appearance. The unsung hero of this specialty field is the aesthetic factor, including the symmetry and spacing of teeth, the spectrum of shapes and shades, and the many other artistic aspects woven into the science.

But just as the quest for perfection doesn’t end at functionality, it doesn’t end at aesthetics either. At DRD, the quest for perfection can go well beyond conventionality. In order to achieve aesthetic excellence, Dr. Goggins and his team approach cases in creative, forward-thinking ways.

Sarah, a certified dental technician who specializes in ceramics, enrolled in college to be an art teacher, but was instead drawn to the artistry in dentistry. In the lab, she perfects “the amount of color that goes into a single tooth in terms of shades and translucencies," as well as the other keys elements that go into designing a smile.

A ‘smile design’ consultation requires knowledge of tooth anatomy, consideration of the patient's facial features, and the patient’s own vision for their smile. Denver Restorative Dentistry offers completely complimentary consultations to every single new patient in order to evaluate and determine personalized treatment plans, whether it’s mild gingivitis or a gold-plated canines.

“We can do anything and everything that you need us to do related to your oral health,” Dr. Goggins explains in an interview. And with an entire in-house lab to expand options and horizons for patients, the DRD team can make life-changing differences to their patients. 

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