The Sun Rises Over Boerne

Bask in the beauty that is a Boerne sunrise

A sunrise is a source of enthralling entertainment and it won’t cost you a penny. And yet, it impacts your day, your week, and possibly even the new year ahead … priceless.

The sun has set on 2020. We thought it would never end, but, thankfully, all things must come to an end. Just as we bid the old adieu, we welcome in the new. Just as there is always a dark before the dawn, so with every sunset there will be a sunrise. The sunrise of a new year represents a sense of renewal to help us imagine the infinite possibilities just beyond the horizon.

If you are going to experience a sunrise, a Boerne sunrise is unequivocally stunning. A beautiful array of pink, yellow, and peach hues. A swirling artistry of golden beginnings that come with the first rays of light in the moring. God’s paintbrush shows off right in front of your eyes. You may not be an early riser, but it’s worth changing up your routine even if just once a week. Set your alarm, making sure to check the sunrise time as the season shifts. Grab yourself a warm cup of coffee and a blanket, and take a short hike to your favorite hill or nature spot. Or maybe you are lucky enough to have front row seats right on your very own balcony.

Wherever you go, pick a place that brings you peace and joy. As you embrace this simple gift and breathe in the crisp morning air, find a moment of tranquility and personal clarity. With each sunrise, we can express our gratitude for another new day ahead and all of the infinite possibilities it brings. Because with each new day comes a new beginning. And we can all use new beginnings.

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